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iphone erreur 4013

Iphone 4s will not restore message 4013 saying fault occurred

Trying to restore after phone would not boot but now stuck

unable to restore my iphone 5s I am getting an error message of 4013

I have tried to restore my iphone 5s in iTunes but keep getting a message saying unable to restore,

Had my iphone 5s replaced wont turn out just shows apple then empty battery. connect to itunes and it cant restore because of 4013 errorhelp

Went to apple store yesterday as the mobile data was playing up on my phone. So they replaced. It wa

my iPhone stuck in recovery mode showing error 4013 ideas iPhone 4S

My iphone is stuck  in recovery mode.  It is showing error 4013.  Has anyone got any

hi my iphone 5 in not restoering when i attech my laptop its showing me unknown error 4013

can u help me pls?

how i fix my 4013 error how i fix my 4013 error iPhone 5s

how do i fix error 4013???

Help iPhone 4S iTunes Error 4013

I have an iphone 4S that whenever I try to restore gets itunes error 4013! HELP!!!

My iPhone 4s won't restore.

My iphone 4s won't restore. It connects to itunes, extracts the restore file, then comes up with

erreur 2001 iPhone 4

Bonjour, mon iphone 4 s'allume et s'éteint en permanence. A l'allumage, seul

iphone 4s error 4013

hi replaced sceen on iphone 4s got conect to itunes after many attempts got error 4013 also 4005 tri

Tried to update my iPhone 5s to ios 7.0.6 now i got red screen of death and when try to restore error 4013 comes up. I can't even restore. suggestions

Any tips or suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

Error No. 4013 on my iphone 4s

Hello My iphone shuts down and turns and jumps me to restart Error No. 4013

iphone 4s stuck on recovery while trying to restore error 9 comes

My iphone 4s is out of warranty and service center cant accept it because of that. It is stuck on co

iPhone 5 64GB Won't Restore Stuck in DFU mode error 4013

hi, my iphone 5 is stuck in dfu mode, says connect to itunes, it does get recognised by itunes and w

My iphone 4s stuck in recovery mode how i fix this

My iphone 4s is stuck in recovery mode and i cant seem to get it out. ive connected it to itunes whi

Iphone 4 on ios 7 stuck on recovery mode doesn't go into DFU mode and getting error 4013 in itunes

My iphone 4 is not  jailbroken and has ios 7 on it. It is stuck in recovery mode and won't&

Iphone 4s Error 4013

iphone 4s won't turn unless plug into a power point. When plugged in the phone tells me to conne

what error 4013 iPhone 5s

how can i fix error (4013)

My Serial Number iPhone 5

I just bought a new iphone 5 it has been disabled so i put it in recovery mode, So then after it wen

error code 4013 'unknown'. new phone. went blank screen. blinks apple logo when plugged up. got it to show on phone iTunes symbol and lightning iPhone 5s

when plugged into computer, i got the computer to show there was an iphone 5s that needed to be rest