Unlock iPhone

iphone failed to join network

Iphone 4s Searching for carrier

My iphone 4s was working perfect.. but from yesterday it is not detecting my netwrok but some time i

iMessage suddenly stopped working iPhone

If someone could please help me figure out how to get my iMessages back I would be VERY greatful.

How I unlock an iPhone 3 to use s from different network provider

How do I "unlock" an iphone 3 to use a sim from a different network provider??

IPhone 4s will not recognize my network upon reconfiguring

I have already wiped the phone, now it is in reconfigure mode and will not recognize my network as "

iPhone stuck in recovery mode after failed update. iPhone 5

Hi, I have a bad situation here... My iphone 5 got stuck in recovery mode after I tried to update to

iPhone 5 Dropping calls

I got my iphone 5 in Sept 2013, which was close to the update of iOS 7. I have completed every updat

Unable to connect to cellular network iPhone


Wifi kicks on and off App Store won't connect won't let me sign in to iMessage or FaceTime. Can't download my apps date and time will not set correctly. Have done factory restore with no luck. Have also tried to reset network and all settings plzhlp iPhone 5C

iphone 5c updated to latest version 7.1.1, Wifi kicks on and off, App Store won't connect, won&#

Will an unlocked iPhone 5s run on T-Mobile's internet and cellular networks properly

My friend left Sprint and is close to paying off her phone. She wants to sell it to me, I pitched a

S not allowed on unlocked iPhone

My friends gave me their old iphone 3gs, and submitted the unlock request to ATT. I was able to rese

Trouble connecting to Verizon network only connecting to Extended Network iPhone

My phone got a little wet from the rain, I've dried it out, and everything is working properly (

Cannot connect to App Store iPhone 3G

My phone keeps saying "Cannot connect to App Store". I have tried using different wifi connections a

Since 7.1.1. update iPhone 4 call reception strength fluctuates erratically

This iphone 4 has worked fine with the StraightTalk network.  Signal strength has remained stea

searching message was appearing in status bar iPhone

searching message was appering in the status bar even if the network signal was available, Can anyon

my iphone 4s keep on searching for network

Hi,my iphone work pretty well ever since i buy it,but since yesterday,it keep on searching for netwo

iPhone Won t Send iMessage Photo to One Specific Phone

My wife's phone will not send photos via iMessage to my phone.  We're on the exact same

g-daughter 4s not connecting to wi-fi--have tried to reset network and restart device and as last resort did factory reset--still no wi-fi no other devices having issue

g-daughter 4s is not connecting to wi-fi -- have tried to reset network / restart device and as last

Network iPhone 5s

Hi, i update my iphone two days ago. Everything was good but today i lost the signal. I can't ca

iPhone 5s My GPS not working. Why

Hey, I have recognized today that my GPS is not working on my iphone 5s anymore. I already rebooted