Unlock iPhone

iphone ios 6.1.1 update says cannot download because no longer connected to the internet

It method or app for shutting down restarting Device when Power button no longer works iPhone 4S

Power button is broken, and now my iphone is prompting 'Invalid Sim card' (after using it no

Can i transfer paid app from iphone to ipad

Just wanna ask how to transfer paid app from iphone 5 to ipad mini without connecting to laptop?can

facetime could not connected iPhone 3G

I have appld ID loggined in iPhone4S(iOS:6.1.3) and iPad2(iOS:6.1.3). For a long time,facetime worke

iPhone 5 error code 21 or 3194 please help

I have got iphone 5 I am trying to restore keep getting error 21 or 3194, i tired different laptop s

My IPhone 4 stuck on not enough storage. I can not turn my phone off answer phone or anthing for matter. I try pressing settings button to buy to Icloud space it highlights it but nothing. I can not afford to delete anything. HELP

I have not download the new update, which for me is the ios7. I heard alot of people lost everything

accidentally and stupidly dropped phone in sink while it was running. Phone works but blue stuff on bottom of screen. Left in bag of rice for 12 hours no change. Should I leave in longer or try something else iPhone 5s

Yesterday evening I accidentally dropped my iphone 5s in the sink while it was running.  I imme

iPhone 5 doesn't power on

My phone turned off and when I connected to charge it didn't turn on. It still off. I connect to

iphone 5 recovery mode try to restore but error 1669 solution

iphone 5 after update ios by OTA 7.1..no sim and no service..keep searching.try to restore with itun

iOS 7.1 and Ip 5S iPhone 5s

Hi, I'm from VietNam, I bought an Ip5S in USA.Yest, there was a problem with my activation on Fa

iPhone 5c voice dial cannot be disabled after software update. way around this

iphone 5c voice dial cannot be disabled after software update. Is there any way around this?

What can I if I don t receive messages unless connected to my data but I m connected to wifi iPhone

I've been recently not receiving messages unless my data is turned on but I'm still connecte

Update to ios7.1 causing face dialing problems. iPhone

Ever since IOS7.1 update, I accidentally put people on mute, speakerphone, facetime or hangup on the

Facetime ends as soon as it gets connected iPhone 3G

Before anyone gets all smart and post the link to the Troubleshooting, yes, I did went there and hav

Problems After Updating iPhone 4

I've used nothing but Apple products for eight years now but I'm wondering if I should stop

update iPhone 5s

i updated my 5s and i reailze i shodent have so i held the home and power botten

my phone froze so i locked it. tried opening it screen wont even light up. what's up i need to use it asap. iPhone 4

i just recently replaced the simcard to my personal simcard earlier. after e few hours of usage (mes

I am trying to update my iphones4

And what happens when you attempt the update?Error messages?What is the existing version of iOS?What

My phone turned off and when I connected to charge it didn't turn on. It still off. I connect to computer and nothing happen. I tried to hold home bottom with power and nothing happen either. What else can I Thank you iPhone 5 iOS 7.1

As i said before my phone turned off and when I connected to charge it didn't turn on. It still

Not being alerted new call coming in while on phone iPhone 5

Until I recently installed the most current update, when I was on a call and another came it, I woul

Okay so update of ios7.1 for iphone causing my Iphone 4s to close out of apps randomly. It started doing this right after i downloaded software. way apple or i could fix this

If there is any way to fix this please let me know its getting very annoying.