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iphone ios 7 allow ringtones

Help Having problems with sound on my 4s

Ive been having problems with the sound on my iphone 4s, it sometimes has a ringtone and has keyboar

Custom ringtones don t work after updating to ios 7.0.3 iPhone

I updated my iphone 5 to ios 7.0.3 this morning and now my custom ringtones don't seem to work.

Ringtones iPhone

After the latest upgrade, my downloaded ringtones have disappeared. Help!

personal ring tones are not used iPhone 5s

My iphone 5s will not use the personal ringtones but does use a default that is non Apple. I am not

How I retrieve my ringtones I purchased on old iphone iPhone 5

So I had an iphone for four years and purchased ringtones. I never had a problem with getting them b

Why can ringtones not be used as text alerts on iphone 5s

Can someone explain why ringtones dont work for texts on iphones when they work on every other phone

how I create ringtone for my iPhone 5 from garage band

How do I create ringtones from my music in iTunes for my iphone 5 using Garage Band? Thanks

iPhone 4S Volume Not Working Tried everything fed up

Okay, so today I went to go take a shower and I had my phone on the counter in the bathroom. As soon

My phone doesn't ring or give sound notifications iPhone 4

Hey guys I recently replaced the LCD/Glass/Digitizer assembly on my iphone 4 (ATT).  Found

Iphone iPhone 5

If I restore my iphone will I lose my ringtones I bought from iTunes?

After download of IOS 7.1. No ringtones iPhone

Seem to have lost all ringtones after update to IOS 7.1. ringtones don't respond when tapped, bu

How I get ringtones iPhone 4

How do I get ringtones

iPhone 4S volume sometimes doesn't work

My iphone 4S volume sometimes will stop working and the volume slider will disappear and go grey , t

My iphone 4 won't start Please help

Hi everyone, so, here's the problem: bought a second hand iphone 4 GSM that had a boot

Can iTunes songs NOT convert to ringtones iPhone

I believe I have gone thru steps 1 thru 10 a dozen or more times. Perhaps I should RE-phrase my ques

How can get my ringtones if I don t have computer for my iPhone 4S

I don't have a computer right how do I get ringtones and songs I bought from iTunes also says I

How I move my sounds from my music file as to use it for ringtones and alerts iPhone 5s

How do I move my sounds from my music so I can use it as a ringtone or alert?

Ringtone issue resolved iPhone 3G

Ok. A lot of folks are having an issue with the ringtone section of itunes. Why does it not rec

Ringtone Not Showing Up in iPhone

I have "All ringtones" selected. There is a check next to the ringtone so it is selected.

How can I download my music from another Apple ID account iPhone 4S

My son downloaded my music onto his Apple ID along with my ringtones.  How can I retrieve my mu