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iphone iso7 date

Where are phone contacts stored on iPhone

My father in law, 87 years of age, has recently moved from a Sony to an iphone and I think in the sh

phone crashes after update 7.1 iPhone 5s

When trying to update my phone for 7.1 my phone just crashed, can't hard reset, and the restore

I have three i devices and I play one game on all devices by one account and all scores not updated on last two devices and last score earn date 2013 even though I am playing almost daily until now. How to make to get scores and update as daily. iPhone 3G

I played Indestructible since I bought iphone 4s, then I bought iphone 5 and now I have 5s. I contin

iphone 5s error 9

my iphone 5s is in recovery mode and every time i try to restore it is says error 9. i did all of st

iPhone 5 stuck in recovery mode and isn't restoring HELP

I've tried putting the USB cable in first, still no change. It's just not responding at all.

My iphone wont show up on my macbook air iPhone 4S

I have a iphone 4s and it wont show up on my macbook air. All system updates are up to date, same wi

smsimessage entries missing timedate stamp iPhone 4

I just upgraded to IOS7.  I could not find a way to show the time/date stamp of a text.  T

HP Eprint-can t set up verizon email iPhone 3G

I have Ipone 4 with software up to date.  Verizon email is working using the mail button. 

iphone 5 reminders alarm doesn t work

The alarm for my reminders app on my iphone 5 no longer works. I'll put in a date and time and s

Podcast.app on iPhone not Correctly Syncing with iTunes Stops Playback Trys Download via 3G

Hi all, Need your help: I am having a set of podcasts in iTunes that I would like to liste

Ugh. iOS 7.1 Update Wrecked My 5S s Orientation Date iPhone

Hey guys, another iOS 7.1 Update debacle here. Here's the facts: I've got an iphone 5S.

IPhone 5c Camera. When I switch from back to front camera phone locks up and screen goes blurry. In order to anything I have to close camera app. back camera works great I have Ios 7.0.1 latest update says my iphone up to date

My iphone 5c is 6 months old. The front camera is not operative and locks up the phone when selected

making and receiving phone calls iPhone 5s

My iphone 5 worked well for several weeks.  Now I cannot hear an incoming call unless I use the

Can t purchase Apps through itunes iPhone 3G

When I try to purchase an app on my iphone 5c, I get a message that reads:  "Your Purchase Coul

What TCCService iPhone 5

I saw two things in my diagnostics report that said TCCService What is this?   &

my iphone 5s just searching

my iphone is just searching , i tried everithing restore , change the SIM card and i read the logs ,

An apple genius told me was water damage in my iPhone 5 today which was cause of problems I am experiencing and suggested I pay 209 to replace it I have since checked LCI and it shows no sign of water contact. Why are they lying

After opening the sim holder and using a light and a magnifying glass to inspect properly the liquid

iPhone 4S Volume Not Working Tried everything fed up

Okay, so today I went to go take a shower and I had my phone on the counter in the bathroom. As soon

iPhone makingreceiving random calls

I have an up to date iphone 4s. It keeps making random calls to 2 of my friends and doesn't show