Unlock iPhone

iphone password locked ios7

my iphone

My sone accidentally typed the wrong password several times into my iphone and now everything is era

I forogt my security answers and i didnt recieve email iPhone 5s

I forgot my security answers and i follow the instruction i put my email but the password was wrong!

my iphone locked up and i how you fix it

how do i fix my locked up iphone

How can i delete previous email on my iphone 5s

I locked my iphone 5s and restored it but it won't fully restore until I enter my email but when

she get my iMessages iPhone

I gave my friend my Apple ID log in information a while back so that she can read a book in my iBook

Help iPhone 5C

Soo I bought my iphone off my friend .. She has my serial number and stuff one day she asked and sai

Will all ios8 features be available on iPhone 5s

I recently had an iphone 4 and noticed that not all of the ios7 features that were available on newe

i have an iphone 4 s which has been locked out iPhone 4S

i have an i phone 4s and have forgotten the pin code for it. i have now entered the wrong code to ma

my apple id and password missing iPhone 3G

what do you mean they are "missing"?

Can't Activate iPhone 4S

I can't activate my iphone 4S.  It asks for the original owner's Apple ID and password

So I went into my app Store to update my apps and it says my apple id has been disabled. I have reset my password but it still not work. What can I iPhone 5

This is for my Apple ID...

Using same AppleID on 2 iPhone s iMessage quit working

I have always had my wife's iphone and my iphone share an Apple ID and we were always able to us

Why my Apple ID disabled I have tried changing password and credit card information iPhone 3G

I have seriously tried everything. I can't upgrade apps, download apps. Nothing. It just says &#

iphone 4 cannot be unlocked with S PIN

Hi guys,  I have a problem with my iphone 4 (iOS 7.1.1).  When I put my simcard (Orange) t

I am prompted to change my voice mail password but I don t what my original voice mail password . iPhone

I am prompted to change my voice mail password, but I don't know what my original voice mail pas

S card locked iPhone

Recently I have had problems after starting my iphone 5 that the warning that the SIM card is locked

when I was texting suddenly screen went crazy colored lines appeared and locked in screen had hard time getting it back iPhone 4

While texting my  screen when to straight color  lines across,and semed to lock in there.I

how can you recover password for an apple id if you are not getting emails iPhone 5C

how can you recover a apple id if you do not receive the emails

I've locked my iPhone 4s and don't my passcode

Is there a way to get your phone unlocked without a pass code?  My phone is locked and I have f