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iphone pictures come out white

Apple India After sales Disaster iPhone 5

I have been an avid user of Apple products, my first was the 1st generation Ipod in 2002 and it stil

are some bright white spots on my iphone 5s in bottom right corner.can tell me how to fix it

there are some bright white spots on my iphone 5s in the bottom right corner.it is clearly visible o

carrier disspeared in my settings in iphone 4 after water damage

I made my iphone dry for 4 days and took off the battery. I saw one of the sensors that suppose to b

Iphone 5c won t send picture messages

My wife and I have exact iphone 5c's, I can send picture text messages but she cannot. This feat

Cannot download pictures to my laptop iPhone 5

I used to plug in my iphone and the iphone icon would appear  in My Computer and that was it. P

cannot get pictures off iphone due to usb driver fault iPhone 5

Hi, i have not synced my phone with i tunes for a while and when i try it says there is 1gb too much

iPhone 5 failure to boot or restore

Hey Guys! I am posting on behalf of my mate as this is his phone. Unfortunatly his iphone 5 (pu

Iphone 5s wont charge

My phone went dead yesterday so when i got home i plugged it in to charge it, it charged for like 2

I just bought storage and got 10 gb but it still wont allow me to take picture because it says i dont have enough storage. Help iPhone 4S

I take a lot of pictures, and i just recently bought some storage because i didnt have enough. So bu

trying to import my new pics iPhone 5s

When I plug in my iphone 5s I hear a syncing sound, and it will sync to Itunes.  What won't

My iPhone 5c having problems sending pictures

So, recently these past few months, I've had some problems sending pictures. Basically, I send a

why my iPhone 4 have blue tint around edges

I just changed my cracked screen. It was fine at first when i first turned it on after putting it in

iphone 5 will not charge

I've had my iphone 5 for a little less than a year. Up until last night the device has been

Greenish yellow line around borders of my iphone 5 Screen. iPhone 5s

Hello,I am facing a problem for my iphone 5 screen. There is an greenish yellow line on all the bord

Broken Iphone iPhone 5

Hi! My husband has broken my iphone 5S by throwing it hard on wall. It was totally destroyed but was

Help My laptop crashed need to transfer pictures from folders on iphone 4

Help! My laptop crashed, and I lost important pictures which I had synced to my iphone 4... How can

iPhone 5c Water Damage

My iphone 5c fell in water. As soon as it fell in water I put it in rice for 24hrs. I checked the wa

I have new iPhone and have kept my old one to play music in another room when i recently updated my new iPhone it has backed up to my old iPhone and I have therefore lost pictures messages etc from my new phone how can I get it all back iPhone 5C

I have a new iphone and have kept my old one to play music in another room.  I have recently up

What Would Cause This to Happen to Display iPhone 5

My 1 year + old iphone 5 has recently developed this slight green tint of about 2mm surrounding all

My icloud keeps saying it's almost full but I've erased bunch of stuff and erased almot all of my pictures. I don't what else to . It's also saying I need to verify my account iPhone 4S

My iCloud keeps saying it' almost full, but I've erased a bunch of stuff and I've erased