Unlock iPhone

my iphone does not show wi fi symbol

Show name on text message I send iPhone

Is there a way to show my name when I send a text message?  As it is now, my cell phone number

data manager app for iphone

What is the best data manager, which will show which app is using cellular data. My AT&T is show

how I retrieve photos from my iphone 4s will not stay charged

My iphone 4s only stays on when it's charged into a wall or car charger. Even then it turns off

My 3G isnt working whenever not connected to my wifi i cannot send txt or use internet even thou i have all bars of reception and 3G symbol showing iPhone 5

My 3G isnt working, whenever im not connected to my wifi i cannot send a txt or use internet, even t

iPhone -Battery dead or iPhone need to be replaced iPhone 5

My iphone recently started diong the boot logo loop where it would show the logo... Go black.. show

My phone charging but it doesn't show sign of charging iPhone 4S

I restarted my phone about 5 times nothing worked.

Movies in cloud on iPad but not iPhone

Hey guys, Recently bought the Dark Knight trilogy that went on sale in the iTunes store. I love

trying to import my new pics iPhone 5s

When I plug in my iphone 5s I hear a syncing sound, and it will sync to Itunes.  What won't

How to activate iMessage with phone number only iPhone

Hey, I've been using iMessage ever since I got my phone a few months back and I accidentall

iPhone says searching for service after ios 7.1.1 update HELP iPhone 5C

I updated my iphone 5c to the iOS 7.1.1 last night and didn't think I would have any problems. I

Call blocker imports list iPhone 3G

TJBUSMC1973 wrote:I'd rather not have a few dozen blocked contacts cluttering up my Contacts lis

need help locating an app iPhone 3G

somehow my phone got disabled for an hour and everything got erased. And i dont have back up on my c

My Iphone would not commect to my computer iPhone 5s

When i connect the charger wire to my laptop it does not show the charging sign. I cant connect the

Turning off imessage iPhone 5C

Yes I recently switch to galxay phone but my message from any iphone user does not show. How do i tu

Iphone 5s bill

does the apps u download on the iphone show up on ur phone bill cuz my dad keeps saying that it does

Game center data server delete iPhone 3G

Hi,I've installed Boom. Beach on iPad but did not realize something had happened and logged me o

iphone 5s 1 charge

I always leave my iphone 5s plugged in and when I woke the battery says 1%. I turn the phone off and

iphone 5 LED light not working properly

led light on my iphone 5 is not working properly... neither cam flash nor torch... out of 50 trials

why my iphone can't start up

hello apple comumunity let me explain the other day i was doing a backup to my iphone to instal