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iphone 4 weather cancel city

Game Center issue iPhone 4

I recently got the iphone 4 and every app the requires Game Center (which is most games) is inaccesi

Upgraded my PC from Windows XP to Windows 7. I m worried my iPhone data will be wiped

Hi. I am new to this forum and need some help so I will try to provide as much info as possible. I&#

Phone was lost. Requested info be erased. Phone found. how I cancel request iPhone 4S

My phone was lost in the airport.  I cancelled telephone service and contacted Apple.  I w

iPhone Hacked

Hey everyone I hope someone out there can help me figure this out... I was on facebook via the

My phone has recently had some software issues screen will not slide to unlock and flashes white. My phones screen has been smashed for 5 months and it was working fine Will apple replace it iPhone 5

My phone has recently had some software issues, the screen will not slide to unlock and flashes whit

Podcast.app on iPhone not Correctly Syncing with iTunes Stops Playback Trys Download via 3G

Hi all, Need your help: I am having a set of podcasts in iTunes that I would like to liste

My iphone was removed from blacklist whats next iPhone 5

I called at&t to cancel mi iphone on the black list what is next ?

I want t cancel subscription to pod cast-help how I remove it iPhone 5C

I want to cancel a post cast purchase - from my iphone- 5c

iPhone Massive Data Spike on Sprint

So I bought a new iphone 5s Oct 2013, and had a Sprint plan carry over.  On average for the pas

iPhone 5 crashes repeatedly with iOS 7.1

Hi there, I have an iphone 5 (16GB) and it worked fine up till recently. About 10 days ago I up

I change from an IPhone 3 to an IPhone 4. When my friends are on IPhone s send me text from IPhone they are still going to my old IPone3. something I need to cancel on old phone

I change from an iphone 3 to an iphone 4. When my friends that are on IPhones send me text from ther

Hello I have an iPhone 4s and I recently updated to iOS 7.1 and I have couple of issues

Hello! I have an iphone 4s and I recently updated to iOS 7.1 and now I cannot see all my messages in

icon eg. Sound hound.and others Won t open when pressed. They just flicker with face page briefly and won t open don t want too loose sound hound as many references ideas. iPhone 3G

On my  iphone3gs..some of icons aren't  opening up. Esp sound hound ,I don't want

Great suggest for iMessage to make it no ads iPhone 3G

Many users may get ads from iMessage,we call them trash message.I think Apple can built a system tha

how I delete Weather Channel app in iOS7 iPhone 3G

How do I delete The weather Channel app in iOS7?

my iPhone cooked itself burnt my hand then when I angrily bought new phone I can't receive half of my texts

So my apple iphone 4 cooked itself and wiped itself of anything useful, I was obviously pretty angry

unable to add fingerprints iPhone 5s

Just upgraded to IOS 7.1 and now cannot add fingerprints for touch ID . Starts out ok but then goes

iPhone stuck on plug into iTunes screen iPhone 4S

I pugged my iphone in to iTunes on my computer the other day and it worked fine until an unknown err

Message Colour iPhone

Hello everybody, I have two questions:  1. Can i change the colour of messege chat on my i

How I delete city on weather app 4s iPhone 3G

Ive tried "swiping left to right ". Tried turning location services off. Tried turning phone off and