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iphone 5 blue dot apps

Apps iPhone 3G

How to close apps on I phone 5 s

How can I delete apps from my iphone 5c

How can I delete apps from my iphone 5c

iPhone apps won t update for iPhone 5c

Hi, my iphone 5c is having a problem updating apps. My phone updates all of my apps automatically, y

apps iPhone 3G

When I download an app to my iphone 5c, am I downloading a program or just a link?  

My iPhone 5c back starting to chip after being in lifeproof fre case anything I can to get back replaced

There's little chips in the blue part. Is there anything I can do and if so how much will it cos

Secret folder on iphone

Hi! I'm wondering if it is possible to have a password protected folder on iphone. A folder

my iPhone has new update and it now on screen has little blue circle with music symbol and carger pece and an arrow in between them pointing up it wont go away or turn off screen what i iPhone 4S

i used the new update now my screen has a blue music symbol an arrow pointing up under it and a char

i am new to apple how you transfer apps from computer to iphone

New to apple and itunes how do you transfer app from itunes to iphone 5c have phone sync to computer

iPhone 5 Screen shows its charging but it isn't. Its been connected for last few hours and hasn't turned on

So this happened suddenly out of the blue last night, I've had the iphone for a while now and ha

Iphone 5s blue screen of death.

i have a iphone 5s running on 7.1.1 and i have the blue screen of death. How do i fix that?

why mi iphone 5s factory apps like safari mail and calculator crash every time I try to open it I already reboot my iphone delete my safari history and cookies and still crashing every time

please help

what makes M7 chip erratic iPhone 5s

I've been having the strangest thing happening lately. Some days, the step counter isn't giv

Passcode on Apps iPhone 5C

I think Apple should enable users to put passwords on the apps.

my home city larkana iPhone 3G

Dear sir, hope u and ur family safe and sound, i am shaheer ali using iphone 4S and i downlodin

How to turn off apps iPhone 3G

How to turn off apps

When I force quit all my apps phone sits in force quit screen. Why doesn t it automatically return to home iPhone 3G

Press the home button or just sit and look at the empty app tray. Those are your choices.

Before I got my Iphone 5 I used to be able to dbl. clk.

Before I got my I phone 5, a friend showed me this iphone help for my phone when it started acting o

Fuzzy iphone 4 screen

So about an hour ago i experienced "the white screen of death." I have problems with my power button

hello my iphnoe not letting me baack up my icould iPhone 5C

my husband and i are having trouble backing up our icloud. we cant even update our apps we have on o