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iphone 5 CDMA model 1429

Back case Model A1429-Regulatory Model A1428 why it not same iPhone 5

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Lte OF iPhone 5s model a1533

Lte OF the iphone 5s model a1533 are working in italy?

Why unlocked iPhone 5s model 1533 not support 4g LTE I in India

Why does unlocked iphone 5s model  bought from US not support 4 g/ LTE  in india

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Hello, i have iphone 5 sim-free. It has little bit scratches on the back. If I want to upgrade my cu

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I have an iphone 5c model A1507, and 4 days ago the clock was delayed without reaseon. I did not fin

I iPhone 5s GSM A1533 will not support LTE in Japan. But mean it cannot function for calls 3G or anything at all

I will be moving to Japan at the end of July, and I really don't want to sign up for a new contr

my iPhone cdma network or gsm network iPhone 5s

how to see my i phone

Sprint iPhone 5C have s slot I want to use it on 3 in England

I'm planning on buying one from eBay that's second hand but use it in England on the 3 netwo

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so I'm going on a carnival cruise later this year and theyre talking about how their internet co

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Is a factory unlocked iphone 4s both gsm and cdma

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which iphone model support the both gsm and cdma  in middle east ??

can i possibly change my iPhone 4s for another iPhone at an apple retail store can i possibly change my iPhone 4s for another iPhone at an apple retail store

I'd like to know if i can possibly swap my iphone 4s for a later iphone model at an apple store

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I have iphone 4 and 4S, but I cant diff b/w them, there is lot of ways to check the diff, but I want

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Hi guys, I'm hopeless with iPhones/Macs and your tips will be really appreciated. I am

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I saw two things in my diagnostics report that said TCCService What is this?   &

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I am currently having issues with my iphone 5 slate. I had a nasty accident with my phone which has

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my iphone is just searching , i tried everithing restore , change the SIM card and i read the logs ,

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Since last Wednesday my battery life of my iphone 5 has dropped significantly. This morning, I

iOS 7.1 device disconnects when skipping track iPhone 4

I use an adapter (iSimple ISGM575) that integrates into my factory radio, effectively turning it int