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iphone 5 CDMA model 1429

Can I exchange my iPhone 4 to newer model

Hey, I was just wondering if it's possible to exchange my iphone 4 to a newer model?I have exper

External mic not working iPhone 4S

Hi; I am a pianist and find it easy to record my home performances with my iphone’s camera, in

Apparently I need to change my power adaptor but I live in Bulgaria iPhone 4S

There are no Apple shops here, no service centers and the telephone number shown for Bulgaria Apple

My iphone 5s model number ME434Y can you help me locate where it was made and if i can swap it at an apple store in spain for an undamaged new one

My iphone 5s got damaged its model number is ME434Y/A. Can you help me locate which country it was m

What happening iPhone 4S

I recently dropped my iphone 4s the other day and it broke so I took it to the local iphone repair s

iPhone 5 Virgin Mobile S Card Failure

I have an iphone 5 model ND097LL/A on Virgin Mobile. I updated Apple OS to 7.1.1 and within 5 minute

Can i use my Verizon iPhone 5s on CDMA without S installed

It obviously has the ability to function without the LTE radio enabled, but when i remove LTE SIM ca

LTE in Estonia iPhone 5s

Hello,My iphone's model is A1530, purchased in UK, and I live in Estonia. I don't quite unde

We bought an iphone 5 model A1429 in Germany on T-mobile network. We are moving back to states. Will this phone work on Verizon network or are we better off getting new one when we get back

We bought an iphone 5 (model A1429) in Germany on the T-mobile network. We are moving back to the st

iPhone 5 7.0.3

I have an iphone 5 firmware 5.02.00, model MD641LL/A software 7.0.4 (11B554a).  When I ins

facetime disappered after i upgraded ios version in my iphone 5c how can i get it back

facetime disappered after i upgraded ios version in my iphone 5c how can i get it back model ME

I m travelling to Russia soon I have an iPhone 5c model A1529 will it work

I have been told so many different things and I can't seem to find a simple Yes or No answer on

Iphone Replacement iPhone 4S

Hi All,The lock button on my 4s phone is not working (current service/replacement charge is £16

Will unlocked US iPhone 5S work in China

I'm thinking of buying an iphone 5s for use in the US as well as China.  Which model(s) wil

Cost to replace an out of warranty iPhone with newrefurb model

Hi there! I was wondering how much it would cost me to replace my iphone 4 with a newer model or a r

My iPhone 4s has iPhone 4 model number why

An A1332 is indeed an iphone 4. What is the model number at: Settings - General - About - model = ??

Can Straight Talk CDMA locked iphone 5 be unlocked to use with gsm

I'm on straight talks fancorps team it's where you earn points by doing certain tasks, and t

I need to replace my cracked screen and need to find compatable part. iPhone 4

I need to replace my cracked screen. I found a screen which has serial number in the connector rebbo

Why iphone 5 A1429 from Thailand cannot use in Germany

I bought iphone 5 model A1429 from Thailand (via online shop, i think it shipment from Singapore). N

Which iPhone 5S model works in Mexico and Europe

And is it possible to buy it in Europe and where, direct at an Apple Store? Thanks in advance.