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iPhone 5 only charges from one side unable to be detected by my computer

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iPhone 5 only charges from one side unable to be detected by my computer

Hey guys. I'm in a bit of a problem here...


I'm running on iOS 6.0, unable to update since my computer won't detect my phone.


I've been my phone since release; it's worked well so far. Until a few weeks back, where when I tried to sync videos to my phone, it would just freeze iTunes up, and no video synced to my phone. Thought it was my phone and I didn't feel like updating at the time since I was busy and the video was only a short matter.


Fastforward a few weeks and suddenly the phone would only charge using one side! I was confused since I haven't dropped the phone or done anything out of the ordinary to it for the past few weeks.


I thought updating my iPhone would fix that problem, but it seems that I cannot update my phone since it's not being detected by my computer.


Or rather, it is, but it was labeled as an Unknown Device and the usb was malfunctioning apparently. I could not find my phone being listed as a device connected to my computer. Thus, I could not update my phone since it was not being detected by my computer or iTunes.


I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate x64.



Things I have tried:

* Restarting my iPhone

* Hard Resetting my iPhone (home + lock)

* Reinstalling iTunes

* Using another computer [ also says unknown device ]

* Using another cable [ can only charge from one side as well ]


Any help would be nice. My last resort would be going to the Geinus Bar since I don't have much time openings, but I'm sure I can squeeze one in somewhere...



2013-02-07 21:23:01

iPhone 5 only charges from one side unable to be detected by my computer

I would check to make sure you don't have any foreign material in the cable slot on the bottom of your iPhone.  My wife was having probelms with her iPhone 5 cable not charging her iPhone, and when I looked into it for her, she had something stuck in the slot in her phone.  It was a piece of somethign that had been in her pocket, and it got stuck in the slot in the iPhone.  Once I removed it, her iPhone returned to normal right away.

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