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iphone 5 receiver volume

damaged iphone 5s audio not working during calls which IC would i change

my iphone 5s fall and the screen was crashed, I replaced another , and it works. but the damage is m

will Apple replace my phone if one of volume and sleepwake button sunk or loose iPhone 5s

if I shake my phone, you can tell the buttons are fairly loose

Why would my phone this iPhone

So I was driving through town the other day and making a call through my Bluetooth to the place I wa

How I enable volume control on my iPhone 4. I no longer have speakers for music iPhone 4S

How do I enable my speakers and volume control for my iphone 4. They no longer work for music

Volume problems while having call iPhone 5

Yes.Also try using speaker till you visit the Apple Store to tell you what's the problem.

Why my 4s volume keeps going up by itself

Hi. Thanks for your advice in advance!  For the past 4 weeks, the volume of my 4s keeps going u

my buttons on my iphone 5 are not working iPhone 5s

This morning ny phone was working perfectly fine untill i intended to go to my home screen, so when

iPhone 4S sound mute even though Silent switch off

My iphone 4S's sound has been muted and I can't seem to get it un-muted. When I click the +

iphone speaker issue iPhone 4S

Hi, I have an iphone 4s. I am having a sound issue. It is not playing music out of the speaker.

Problem hearing when I makereceive calls iPhone 5C

Hi. I keep my phone (5c) on my nightstand at night. I also keep a bottle of lotion with a squirt lid

Why volume on apps like youtube or music sound very low during call iPhone

I keep trying to watch youtube videos while on the phone with my friend. But when I do, the volume i

Iphone 5s volume sounds to low Iphone 5s volume sounds to low iPhone 5C

Why does the sound on my iphone 5s sound low and how can I solve this problem?

My iphone 4s not have ring for incoming calls it vibrates only. I went to settings have ringtone set and volume to max with no results. Help.

iphone 4s does not ring for incoming calls, it vibrates only.  how to I get a ring. 

Inappropriate Response iPhone 5

I am using iphone 5 since aug 2013 with one year warranty ie upto aug 2014. My iphone is getting hea

iPhone 4s dock connector

I connected my iphone 4s to my truck And after I finished hearing music and disconnected the phoneAn

iPhone 5 won't make outgoing receive incoming calls.

iphone 5 64gb on AT&T is out of warranty (barely) and it has lost the ability to connect a voice

My Volume doesn't work when i put my headphone in it work iPhone 4

Earlier today i put my iphone 4 in my bag, a few minuites later i bought milkshake and drank from it

received sound echos iPhone 5

I-Phone 5 echos and loses volume when talking on the phone.  People are always complaining that

iphone 5 wont turn on charge or connect to itunes

My daughters iphone 5 is about 18 months old, she's recently had problems with the battery drain

Volume On 4s Not Working Properly

My daughters I-phone is having issues with the speakers not playing sound.  It's brand new