Unlock iPhone

white blue screen iPhone 5s

after trying to charge my iphone 5s suddenly it got crashed turnned in to white screen then blue scr

Phone got really hot on charger and doesn't charge iPhone 5s

Last night I was charging my phone with the wall charger. I usually just leave it on the charger at

How much battery for an iPhone five iPhone 5

How much is a battery for an iphone five

Hacked SMS Messages iPhone 5s

I’m aware many may think this situation is absurd or “impossible.” But, a very str

iPhone 5s bad fit and finish

I just received a replacement iphone 5s 64GB in gold. When I got it home I noticed that the bottom l

My son dropped his phone in water he put it in rice to try and dry it out. phone will show it has low battery when you plug it in but nothing after even after being charged for few hours. Got NO help at AT T . suggestions iPhone 5s

My son dropped his phone in water and tried to dry it out in rice.  After charging the phone sh

leaving your iPhone on dock unplugged drain iPhone battery or affect it in way

The title describes it all.  Does leaving your iphone on a dock unplugged drain the iphone batt

my phone froze so i locked it. tried opening it screen wont even light up. what's up i need to use it asap. iPhone 4

i just recently replaced the simcard to my personal simcard earlier. after e few hours of usage (mes

iPhone 5c-Normal battery life

Hi, My phone get about 4h of battery life for usage with a total of 6-12h standby. It used to b

my phone won't charge iPhone 5

my phone randomly is shutting off and not holding battery any suggestions? apple just wants to have

Will Iphone 5 battery fit in 5s

Will a iphone 5 battery fit in a 5s?

iPhone 5s battery and overheating problem

so basically this problem got serious these days on my iphone 5s.it was perfectly fine before the io

Water damaged iPhone 4s which Screen d apart phone working well

Hello Everybody! I carried my iphone 4s in my trousers pocket, while I was riding my bike in a

Messages not working iPhone 3G

Im trying to open my messages app and its showing an empty white screen. Nothing is showing up ( eg.

Hello guys I'm just concerned leaving my iPhone charging last night iPhone 5s . it overcharged I think for about 5 hours. Will it affect battery life of my phone I need you answer guys please help me. Thanks

Hello guys :)) I'm just concerned leaving my iphone charging last night (iphone 5s). it overchar

where can i get my iphone battery changed iPhone 4S

where can i get my iphone battery changed

Charging my iPhone 4

Does leaving my phone on the charger after it has reached 100% have negative long term affects on th

my iPhone 5 1 year old and will not hold charge. it shuts down with 75 of its battery left. what should i

what happens when your iphone battery wont hold a charge?

iphone 5 not updating battery percentage and rebooting frequently

iphone 5, frame bent by my son.  lcd cracked. removed hardware and installed entire phone into