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iphone 5 shuts down when using camera

iPhone 4S screen flickers at bottom when using camera iPhone 4S screen flickers at bottom when using camera

Whenever I use the camera app or view snaps on snapchat the bottom of my 4S screen flickers and jump

How I get my Iphone 4S screen to stop flickering and jumping iPhone 5

My 15 month old iphone 4S's screen has recently starting jumping and flickering and will not sto

iphone shuts down panic.ips very difficult to restart using home and power buttons iPhone 5

My iphone 5 is about 1-1/2 years old. Yesterday the phone shut down during a voice call and would no

External mic not working iPhone 4S

Hi; I am a pianist and find it easy to record my home performances with my iphone’s camera, in

front camera not working iPhone 4S

front camera not working

S Lock battery drain. iPhone 5

I backpack and like to use my iphone as my camera, GPS, media player etc.  With my iphone 4, pu

Computer can't recognize iPhone 5 after resetting

So my iphone 5 had a problem with the front camera, so I decided to go to my local store to have the

Can i replace my battery iPhone 5

My battery runs out at 30 percent if i use my camera or try to send a picture via whats app or bbm

iPhone 5s camera will not work

My iphone 5s camera will not open when I select the app. Also, if I try to open it from the lock scr

Storage full iPhone

My iphone shows a message that there's no enough storage! I need some space for the camera roll

Self-timer camera third party app for iPhone 4S

Hi, I've tried a lot of third party apps with self timer functionality from the AppStore an

My iPhone 5 outer camera microphone mute

please help. I talk on the phone, make voice memos, but when I go to make any kind of regular video

My video setting on camera no longer recording sound help iPhone 4

Does anyone have ideas on how to fix video setting not recording sound?

What happening iPhone 4S

I recently dropped my iphone 4s the other day and it broke so I took it to the local iphone repair s

How to save web page in camera roll iPhone 3G

Hello, I'm trying to attach a file to a web page that requests invoices in order to proceed

iPhone 5 camera

when tying to use the camera all I keep getting is a blank screen.  when trying to use the from

Camera problems iPhone 5S

The camera in my iphone 5s is not working, just appearing black screen. Someon know how can I solve

how to mute camera sound iPhone 3G

i have iphone 4 ios7, i can't mute my camera sound but i've been switch the silent button. h

my iphone 4s camera lens scratched how can i fix it

I bought an used iphone 4s, the camera lens is scratched can I fix it or replace it

Will apple replace my iphone 4 due to scratched camera lens

My photos and videos are blurry and not at all 5mp standard compared to my mates iphone 4!! Wil