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iphone 5 unclean shutdown

I can't turn on my iphone at all after it hang and shutdown automatically. solution to fix this iPhone 4S

My iphone 4s can't turn after it hang and shutdown automatically. Is there any specific way to f

Why My iPhone 4 have restart several time day suddenly

Is there any one know that why my iphone will shutdown when I working with it?

how I hard shutdown on my 5s phone iPhone 5s

How do I do a hard shutdown on my phone? I have tried simultaneously holding down the on/off button

Battery indicator iPhone 5s

iphone 5S 32GB.  Wot the phone wet so put it in a drying out bag for a week.  The phone wa

iPhone 4S shutting down after iOS7 and support from Apple Chat

So, my iphone is shutting down suddenly with battery at about 40% and saying that it ran out of juic

only way to restore my iphone on itunes iPhone 5

I can also restart my iphone from Settings and it looks as if it gets the same results. Will restart

My iPhone 4S after update ios7.1 alway shutdown and I can boot with service mode only. What happen

Last time I use version 6.x and 7.0.x I don't get this problem.But now After I update version 7.

Battery issue on iPhone 5 20-30 shutdown

Hi people. I have one iphone 5 with 3 months of warranty remaining. I'm having issues with my ba

iPhone 4S rebooting after iOS 7.1 update

Dear support, After installing the new iOS 7.1 update, my iphone 4S reboots randomly. It. just

iphone 4 issues with IOS 7.1 upgrade spontaneous voice control activation and music play back scrambled

Hi is anyone else having this problem with IOS 7.1 I have an iphone 4  and recently upgrad

My iphone 4 wouldn't turn on open IOS 7 pls help

I press the POWER button on my iphone 4 - and nothing happens. onnect the phone to a wall charger or

My iphone 4 wouldn't turn on IOS 7 pls help

please help me I press the POWER button on my iphone 4  and nothing happens. when Connect the p

Automatic shutdown or restart iPhone 4

My friends and I have experienced automaic shutdowns or resarts by the iphone 4 At&t. I would li

iPhone shutdown spinner iPhone 5s

Hi there! After I attempted to power down my iphone 6 16gb AT&T today, the circle that displays

iphone 4s working for example can play music recieve texts calls ect but has black screen and have tried force shutdown method but still can see what doing on screen

iphone 4s is working for example can play,music recieve texts ,calls ect but has black screen and ha

iphone 4S to iOS 7.0.6 failed

Hello, I was updating my iphone 4S to iOS 7.0.6 when it showed the connect to iTunes logo but took a

iphone shuts down when I jog iPhone 4S

Doesn't seem like anyone else has seen this. iphone 4S. Using Nike+ Running app and  (

Iphone 4 not starting up

I was talking on the phone and all of sudden my iphone got shutdown without any reason.I have tried

Iphone 4S OS partially unresponsive in homescreen

Hello Everyone, Yesterday I installed iOS 7 and everything was working fine. However today a st

iPhone 4S Battery Problems

My iphone 4S has had battery problems for the last month or so. My iphone will be at 48% battery and