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iphone 5 unresponsive

iphone 5 multi touch spoiled

Hi,I recently updated my iphone 5 (approx 2 yrs old) from ios 7.1 to 7.1.1Post this, the iphone disp

iPhone 5 touch screen unresponsive

I have an 16 gb black iphone 5 and the touch screen has stopped responding. After i wake it, it work

Portions of my iphone 5s unresponsive

I need help in solving this issues which is bothering Some parts of the screen does not work, f

iPhone 5s having intermittently unresponsive touch screen

Recently, I accidently dropped my iphone 5s on concrete and the glass screen got cracked/broken.

iPhone 5 Screen Jumpy and Scrambled Now Dead iPhone 5s

I have been dealing with a problem where the entire display on my iphone 5 becomes jumpy and scrambl

Found iPhone iPhone 5s

Imagine my surprise as I walked along the (quite deserted) beach this weekend as I uncovered an iPho

IPhone 5c-Screen unresponsive even after reset-please help

Hi - My iphone 5c's screen is unresponsive.(yet not shattered). I followed the instructions to r

Touch screen not working iPhone 5

My phone was exposed to literallya drop of water and has since become unresponsive to touch, slide,

replaced iphone 5 home button still not working.

I tried to fix an unresponsive home button on my iphone 5 but had no luck so I just replaced the but

My iPhone 5s Screen Completely Unresponsive

I've read other issues with this, but none of them seem to sound quite like mine. I'm desper

iPhone 5 screen unresponsive iPhone 5s

iphone 5s Screen is not responding. I have done the hardware reset by holding the home button and th

Recently my Iphone 4s stopped working and I'm not sure why.

So, recently my iphone 4s has stopped working. I woke up one day after it had a full night to charge

Touchscreen on iPhone 5s unresponsive

After breaking my phone screen (iphone 5s) I took my phone into a phone shop in town to get the scre

My iphone 4 unresponsive iPhone 4S

Not all of the buttons are responding when I press them. It keeps activating things without me touch

Safari app not working webpage not appearing and unresponsive. Calling all iphone 5 experts for help

Hi, need help. Safari app working fine until just now. Webpage not appearing and when trying to open

iphone 5 screen unresponsive

my iphone 5 scren unrespnsive how do i reset it?

My iPhone screen completely unresponsive and my home button broken. iPhone 4S

The 'slide to unlock' still lights up, the time changes, and the battery percent changes but

My iPhone will not connect to my laptop. iPhone 4S

My iphone 4s has been messing up significantly this week, it will not charge when i plug it in to th

Twitter and Facebook shrink when opened. iPhone 3G

I recently restored my iphone because of a small accident. Now when, completely restored, I tried op

iPhone 5s Home Button Malfunctioning

I got my iphone 5s less than 3 months ago and the home button stopped working. It is just unresponsi