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iphone 5 unresponsive

My iPhone 4S screen black only siri works. What's with What can I

Hey,  I have an iphone 4S. Like a billion years ago the power button stopped working. Have

phone smashed. how i backup my iphone

i smashed the front of my ihpone and the screen is black and unresponsive but its still on because i

Iphone 5 update with little squares on my screen

After the update my iphone 5 is useless and unresponsive.  I only see lil squares on my screen

My iPhone 5's sleepwake button unresponsive and my AppleCare expired. What can I

I've had my iphone 5 for a year and a half and recently the sleep/wake button hasn't respond

Landscape texting problems iPhone 5s--black screen

I've recently started having trouble with texting in landscape mode. When I start typing the scr

How I access an iPhone 5 with locked screen on desktop

The touch screen on my iphone 5 is damanged and now unresponsive so I cannot unlock the device. 

Phone stuck at apple logo then black screen then back to apple logo iPhone 5

     Last night my phone randomly became unresponsive to clicking the home or po

Iphone 5 touch screen works then becomes unresponsive.

The touch screen on my iphone 5 stops working sporadically every time I use it. I will turn it

Iphone 5 apple logo then blank screen repeatedly

My iphone 5 was unresponsive and so I've turned it off. When turning the phone back on the

My iPhone 5 screen unresponsive

My iphone 5 screen is frozen, siri works, when i play and pause music you can see it on the screen a

My IPhone 5 sending messages by itself

My iphone 5 is nearly 2 yrs old, and just lately I have started having real issues with it! When I t

touch screen unresponsive iPhone 5

touch screen is unresponsive. it is on but cant be used because it wont respond to my touch.

After updating my iPhone 5 my screen won't turn on. How i fix this

I updated my iphone 5 and my screen seems to be unresponsive. The home button, when held, activates

Iphone 5 screen becomes discolored and freezes

Recently, my iphone's screen has started becoming discolored- the images change to purple and gr

iphone 5 hung screen unresponsive iPhone 5s

Hi my iphone 5 s has hung - cant enter text on he screen to unlock it after a reboot.

iOS 7.1 bugs iPhone 5 screen becomes unresponsive battery won't charge

So I installed the new iOS7.1 and there are a butt load of bugs, first the battery will not charge w

My iphone 5 unresponsive sometimes .

My iphone 5 is sometimes unresponsive and sometimes when you swipe it goes in other directions and s

iPhone displays low-battery image and unresponsive iPhone 4S

my iphone 4s won't charge but when i turn it on and plug it in my phone turns on but wont charge

Trying to get pictures off of iPhone 5 with unresponsive screen

My iphone 5 screen is not cracked but the touch screen is not responding. I want to get pictures off

Touchscreen unresponsive in one small line iPhone 5s

iphone 5s, There's this small area on the screen about around where qwerty on the keyboard