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iphone5c recalls problems

My iPhone 4S screen black only siri works. What's with What can I

Hey,  I have an iphone 4S. Like a billion years ago the power button stopped working. Have

my kik app has been blocked on my iPhone how i unblock it iPhone 5s

My mom also some how blocked my wifi so it would be great to fix both problems.

iPhone 5S frozen screen

Ever since I bought my new iPhone 5S last January, either the screen or the buttons freeze on an alm

why won't my phone connect to my pc when another iphone will iPhone 4S

my wife has an Iphone 4s as do Imy phone will connect to our ASUS laptop pc and itunes without any p

iPhone 5c problems

Hello. Four months ago I bought an iPhone 5c 16GB, but recently, it has presented some problems. 1 -

I hv US bought Iphone 5 using in India having several problems

Its a US phone..i need to make it compatible with Kuwait..

How I get my non-jailbroken unlocked iphone out of restore mode without using itunes

   I've spent hours searching the internet for a solution to my problem but nothing ha

How I transfer photos from my iphone 5 to my PC

I have been having problems transferring photos to my PC. I am able to transfer the photos to my com

Problems with iCloud iPhone 3G

good night, maybe it is not the first time someone asked this question, I recently received a gift f

Password Problems. What I iPhone 4

So I made a password for my Iphone 4. I slowly typed it in so there would be no mistakes. Now I ente

Problems iPhone 5s

Gabriela maia wrote: Hey, my name is Gabriela Maia and I got an iPhone at ROBINA TOWER CENTER (

accidently deleted conversation text on my phone iPhone 4S

i by accidently delted a convcersation on text message and now i need that text back and my phone ha

My iphone locked up. Just apple showing on screen. What to iPhone 5s

No indication of problems.  Just plugged it in to charge and the lock up happened.  Won

IOS 7 Grey Wifi Blue tooth-How to fix iPhone 4S

i would like to share with you how i fixed my iphone 4s after ios 7.0.4 update and lose of wifi, blu

Landscape texting problems iPhone 5s--black screen

I've recently started having trouble with texting in landscape mode. When I start typing the scr

Retrieving deleted messages iPhone

How would I retrieve deleted messages on iphone5c if they weren't backed up on iCloud or iTunes?

why I have problems with Wifi on my Iphone 4S

why do I have problems with Wifi on my Iphone 4S

Crazy iPhone 4s mess up Please help

My iPhone 4s ( yes I know my phone is a bit outdated)  is messing up like crazy! I just can'

iMessage not working iPhone

As of today at about 3pm PST, my iMessage does not work on Wifi or 3G on my 4S.  Several of my

4s becomes extremely hot when charging AND turns on and off erratically

First issue: 4s on software version 7.0.6 when plugged in to charge it becomes extremely hot and doe