Unlock iPhone

iphone 5s battery dies fast

How much battery for an iPhone five iPhone 5

How much is a battery for an iphone five

Hacked SMS Messages iPhone 5s

I’m aware many may think this situation is absurd or “impossible.” But, a very str

iOS 7.1 and Ip 5S iPhone 5s

Hi, I'm from VietNam, I bought an Ip5S in USA.Yest, there was a problem with my activation on Fa

I purchased an unlocked 16 gb iPhone 5s from apple why can't I activate it without s

It's asking to insert a sim. I paid 650 for the dang phone... What gives?

an adapter for earbuds would go from iPhone 3 to Phone 5s earbuds iPhone 5s

Is there an adapter for earbuds that would go from iphone 3 to iphone 5s.    The coch

iPhone 5s bad fit and finish

I just received a replacement iphone 5s 64GB in gold. When I got it home I noticed that the bottom l

My son dropped his phone in water he put it in rice to try and dry it out. phone will show it has low battery when you plug it in but nothing after even after being charged for few hours. Got NO help at AT T . suggestions iPhone 5s

My son dropped his phone in water and tried to dry it out in rice.  After charging the phone sh

I have not been able to use facetime on my iPhone 5 and my daughters iPod 5 since yesterday. if are problems with apple iPhone 5s

I have not been able to use facetime on my iphone 5 and my daughtes ipod 5 since yesterday...does an

leaving your iPhone on dock unplugged drain iPhone battery or affect it in way

The title describes it all.  Does leaving your iphone on a dock unplugged drain the iphone batt

My iphone 5s gets warm after charging finished


update iPhone 5s

i updated my 5s and i reailze i shodent have so i held the home and power botten

My flash isn't working on my iPhone 5s

I've tried hard resetting and factory resetting it and nothing is working. Help?

my phone froze so i locked it. tried opening it screen wont even light up. what's up i need to use it asap. iPhone 4

i just recently replaced the simcard to my personal simcard earlier. after e few hours of usage (mes

i tried to restore my iphone 5s via itunes and now its saying its in recovery mode but i try to restore it like it says but it always fails i need help

i dont know, what is happening?

How to unlock i cloud lock to iphone 5s

How to unlock i cloud lock to iphone 5s

Can I return usb cable by post iPhone 5s

Can I return my faulty usb lightning cable by post to apple?

i want to downgrade from ios 7.1 iPhone 5s

I simply want to downgrade my iphone from ios 7.1 to ios 7.0.6 and i do not know why you are prevent

phone not ring iPhone 5s

My iphone 5s does not ring.No matter what I do, it vibrates but does not ring.This must be a simple

iPhone 5c-Normal battery life

Hi, My phone get about 4h of battery life for usage with a total of 6-12h standby. It used to b

my phone won't charge iPhone 5

my phone randomly is shutting off and not holding battery any suggestions? apple just wants to have