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Iphone 5s battery draining fast

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Iphone 5s battery draining fast

Hi Just got my new iphone 5s  today.


What is up with the battery ??   I have had an iphone from 2007 i understand all the processes of closing apps etc rebooting fully charging etc.


But there is clearly something wrong with the software or battery on this phone ..


It can lose 1% battery life per minute or less.   That is not good for a brand new phone out of the box.


I am charging it up fully for the first time.  However when i got the phone it had like 60 something percent battery charge and then just drained and drained as i was setting it up  ?


Something is telling me it has to do with the WIFI connectivity the fact it can now dual connect to wifi and celluar.. Dont know just instinct telling me that....


Any thoughts ideas etc ? 


Or do you feel i have a faulty phone.     After waiting a month for this Gold iphone im loathed to send it back.   Been using a nokia for last month as i sold my iphone 4s too quick..


Its been **** on earth ... lol how on earth did we manage to send texts like we used to sheeesh.

2013-11-01 14:27:02

Iphone 5s battery draining fast

the same here with my iphone 5s .. at the moment the battery loses 1% every 2 min ..Iphone 5s battery draining fast

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