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iphone 5s home button and battery issues

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iphone 5s home button and battery issues

I was lucky enough to receive my iPhone 5s(gold iphone 5s home button and battery issues) in the last week of september. But I havent started using it until Oct 19th since I was out of the country.


I am currently expriencing a weird behaviour with my iPhone and wanted to see if any others are facing the same.




The charging on my iPhone appears to behave erratically.


Sometimes, it charges to full(90-100%) in less than an hour while sometimes it spends hours and hours without reaching 70% of charge.


Also, I have noticed that it sometimes discharges the battery too quickly( for eg, dropping 5-10% in 5-10 min). This was never the case with my iPhone 4s


Please note that  have used an iPhone 3GS, 4S in the past and i always 'QUIT' the apps that I am not using instead of running them in the background.




The second issue that is bothering me is that the home button is not as smooth as it used to be on any of the previous models. With the fingerprint scanner, whenever i press the home button, it very often produces a clicking noise which scares the **** out of me. I am worried that the button would wear out just too soon (i mean just when the warranty is over) rendering the iPhone useless at that point.


Does anyone experience the same?

2013-11-01 11:27:01

iphone 5s home button and battery issues

Contact AppleCare about the battery issues, the behavior you describe is not normal for the device.  You may have one of the devices with the impacted battery that they are doing a voluntary recall for right now and replacing the device.  Regardless, the performance you describe is not normal for the device and you should investigate having Apple replace it because of that.


My iPhone 5S (64gb, space gray, Sprint) does not make any kind of clicking noise with the TouchID sensor.  The home button feels and sounds almost identical to my previous iPhone 4.

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