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new iPhone 5s won't restore from iCloud OR laptop 4s backup

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new iPhone 5s won't restore from iCloud OR laptop 4s backup



I'm new to the "support from peers" thing -- but I truly need some help!


I just got my new iPhone 5s, and I'm trying to restore the system from my (now still current) iPhone 4s backups that I have both in iCloud and on my laptop hard drive.


The restore gets to the point where I have a black screen with a white apple logo, and a white line progress bar below the logo.


Whether I attempt to restore from my iCloud back up (my first attempt) or my laptop back up (which I'm trying now), the white progress bar stalls at some point between less than 10% (up to a maximum of just under 30%).  And I've left the phone for over 8 hours, thinking "MAYBE it just takes a LONG, LONG time (but even after 8 hours, there is never any discernable progress beyond just under 30% or so).


I've tried re-starting the phone, but I never get back to the original "Hello" screen -- it just boots back up to the state described above, and (on my MacBook Pro) I get a message from iTunes that says something to the effect of "the phone cannot restore due to an error" (yes -- the message is approximately that generic).


Does it sound like I have a lemon 5s?


Is there a known way to get BACK TO THE (JUST OUT OF THE BOX) BEGINNING and start the [initiation] process all over again?


Is there some other work-around that can get me up and running?


Thanks and thanks again to anyone who can help me find a solution!

2013-11-01 23:27:02

new iPhone 5s won't restore from iCloud OR laptop 4s backup

OK to start the 5S over follow



To try the restore again


What OS is the 4s

you might need to just sync inof over but try recover mode first

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