Unlock iPhone

How to unlock i cloud lock to iphone 5s

How to unlock i cloud lock to iphone 5s

Can I return usb cable by post iPhone 5s

Can I return my faulty usb lightning cable by post to apple?

i want to downgrade from ios 7.1 iPhone 5s

I simply want to downgrade my iphone from ios 7.1 to ios 7.0.6 and i do not know why you are prevent

phone not ring iPhone 5s

My iphone 5s does not ring.No matter what I do, it vibrates but does not ring.This must be a simple

i brought iPhone 5s before 1 week technical folt on top back of ear peace close to camera i can some vibration when i touch on figers

i brought i phone 5s before 1 week there is a technical folt on top back of ear peace close to camer

Where can i get camera lens protector on my iphone 5S repaired

The camera lens protector for my iphone 5S just broke. Where can i get it legitimately and safely fi

iPhone 5s battery and overheating problem

so basically this problem got serious these days on my iphone 5s.it was perfectly fine before the io

Space usage issues iPhone 5s

Hello, I have an iphone 5s 16gb and I've been trying to update the ios software but it keep

Why my brand new iPhone 5S 16 GB only have 12.8 GB capacity

It ***** because my old iphone 4S had 14.6 GB capacity. And not to mention the new apps like iPhoto

I am some how getting my sister s friends messages. Just like my phone her phone. How I make this stop iPhone

I am some how getting my sister's messages from her friends. Then I can see her reply as if issu

Messages not working iPhone 3G

Im trying to open my messages app and its showing an empty white screen. Nothing is showing up ( eg.

Hello guys I'm just concerned leaving my iPhone charging last night iPhone 5s . it overcharged I think for about 5 hours. Will it affect battery life of my phone I need you answer guys please help me. Thanks

Hello guys :)) I'm just concerned leaving my iphone charging last night (iphone 5s). it overchar

how i solve error 40 how i solve error 40 iPhone 5s

My iphone screen is blank, when i plug it into my mac and open itunes it says i am in recovery mode

how to get deleted text back for iphone 5s

I need to get a text back that i deleted previously that contained a picture I sent. Is this possibl

Touch screen very iPhone 5s

My s5 touch screen became very sensitive

message i waS WRITING was not sent but it gone iPhone

I was in the middle of writing a reply text message and it disappeared but it did not send. Where di

why won t my phone send or receive messages iPhone

Does anyone know or have suggestions?!?! My iphone 4 wont send or recieve messages?!?!?!

My brand new iPhone 5s Gold rattles internally when I shake it. it's not power button . It sounds like some small piece got dislodged and now moving around freely when I shake it. Please advise.

My brand new iphone 5s Gold rattles internally when I shake it. (it's not the power button).

how to fix data issues iPhone 5s

how do i get my 4G and lte working  im in a area where there is lte and 4G