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How can I disable update notification on games or apps iPhone 3G

So every time i open clash of clans i get this update notification it reads   update is av

iPhone 5 running iOS 7.1 self-launches applications

Since upgrading my iPhone 5 to iOS 7.1 I have been experiencing 2 strange issues:1 - When plugged in

Why Apple Store telling me to update billing info for free app iPhone 3G

Recently I changed my apple id AND password, now when I try to download free apps (and I tried with

i can not update or restore my ios device iPhone 5C

I have backed up my iphone 5c to icloud but it wont let me back it up to itunes  I need to save

How can I block unknown callers iPhone

if this isnt possible on the iphone then they should make that in the next ios update.

Hard reset DFU recovery mode iPhone 4S

There are alot of ways people post on the internet on how to do this, sometmes that method is succes

Missing calendar in iCal iPhone 3G

I've been using my iCal calendar on my iPhone 5 for over a year now.  Our "family" calendar

it quite common for not being able to connect to wifi on iphone 4s

Having issues with the hardware in the 4s iphone. This has been the  second time of not being a

having battery issues after latest update iPhone 5C

Decreased battery use after latest update:(

How come i cant get new update for snapchat on my phone iPhone 5

How come i cant get the new update for Snapchat on my phone?

updating my software n iphone 5-it said it could not update as has older itunes. downloaded latest one but now my phone stuck in recovery mode when i connect to itunes i get told i must restore my iphone but it want to trat it as new pho

Any help would be really nice please updating my software n iphone 5 - it said it could not upd

7.0.3 update for iPhone 4s as well

Hey, Is the 7.0.3 update for the iPhone 4s as well? My network provider has asked me to update

My iphone 4 doesn't work and I REALLY want my photos off of it

After having my phone for over 2 years, last night it stopped working. I had used it all day yesterd

iphone 4 downloaded IOS7.01 update will not turn on now only shows pic of itunes app and USB plug in arrow towards it. I don't have computer with itunes downloaded can I simply log in online and plug it in to work

iphone 4: downloaded IOS7.01 update, will not turn on now, only shows pic of itunes "app" and USB pl

Iphone 5 update with little squares on my screen

After the update my iphone 5 is useless and unresponsive.  I only see lil squares on my screen

I have tried to update my iPhone 5c and it stuck on connect to iTunes I have tried turning it off and then back on and it will not work. iTunes not seem to detect it while it plugged in.

I have tried to update my phone and it is stuck on "connect to iTunes" I have plugged it up to the w

Updating Apps on iPhone via Sync from iTunes

I am accustomed to updating the apps on my iPhone by first downloading the new versions to iTunes an

after update my iphone 4s to 7.1 ios i lost wifi and i every think but not working what solution

my wifi is stop work after last update what is the solutionwifi in gree color

Hi I have problem in my iPhone 5s battery going down very fast after installing iOS 7.1 can one help me Or new update coming

After installing iOS 7.1 my iPhone battery going down fast in 2 hours my battery is 100% to 70% down