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my keypad is slow on my iphone

Messages on iPhone 4 iOS 5.1.1 to Messages 8.0 on OSX Mavericks not working

Hello All, I have a very specific issue with my wifes iphone 4 on iOS 5.1.1 using Messages to s

When using 3G and cellular data .apps starting slowlly than using wifi iPhone 3G

When i used 3Gand cellular data together apps is start slow but when using wifi the apps starting fa

How I get my non-jailbroken unlocked iphone out of restore mode without using itunes

   I've spent hours searching the internet for a solution to my problem but nothing ha

facing lot of bugs on iphone 4 ios 7.1

these are the bugs i am facing...1. battery drain.2. keypad gets stuck when i use the search option

After i updated to ios 7.1 my iPhone 5s glitchy slow and freezes once in while have same problem Its not as smooth as it used to.

After i updated to ios 7.1 my iphone 5s is glitchy, slow and freezes once in a while, does anybody h

Iphone 4S screen not responding to home button nor power button

can someone please help my iphone 4S I went to access my phone and the screen was frozen adn I hit t

Why Apple make iPhone screens out of glass

Hello,   I got an iphone 4 that a friend of mine gave to me about a few months ago. He'

HP Eprint-can t set up verizon email iPhone 3G

I have Ipone 4 with software up to date.  Verizon email is working using the mail button. 

iPhone 5 charging issue since iOS 7.1 update

Hi,I have update my iphone 5 to the latest iOS updated when I was prompted 2 days ago. Ever since, I

iphone 4 internal home button

Dear Sir/Madam: I have purchased this iphone in 2010 and since last year i have started problem

i have an iphone 4 ios 7.1 but it little bit slow how to make it faster

i have an iphone 4 ios 7.1 , but it is a little bit slow how to make it faster ?

iphone 5 warrantycamera glitch

If I have a black and white iphone 5 (the home button is black, the back is black & the scre

Broken iPhone 5 display.

I dropped my iphone 5 face down on the hard floor and the display is consequently broken. The glass

Improvements to Apply keyboard Arrows Favorites or Swipe iPhone 3G

I wanted to ask if others supported asking Apple to seriously consider updating the iphone keyboard.

down grade to ios 6.13 iPhone 4

how to downgrade ios 7.06 to 6.13 the phone works very slow

iOS 7.1 make my iphone 5s slow

hello guys i jailbreaked my iphone before 7.1 .. and after 7.1 arrived, i made a back up and re

Can we revert to old larger phone keypad buttons in iOS 7.1 iPhone

Since we updated to iOS 7.1, my wife has had trouble using the phone keypad buttons accurately. 

Why Iphone bluetooth don't allow sent my photos to another device No iOS for example android device or Windows 7 iPhone 5s

Hi guys I have a problem that has troublesome myself...  I can not  send any photo ta

Since upgrading to 7.1 on my iphone 5C I try to open phone icon to make phone call and it tries to open then returns to home screen. I also cannot get anything else to open. It will randomly reboot or just freeze.

I just got my iphone 5C on Wednesday, I was slow to move my apps over because well I loved my iphone

After updating iPhone 4s to iOS 7.1 my Barclays mobile banking app shows no numerals on keypad

HiAfter running the update,I can log into mobile banking, but when I go to transfer money the keypad