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how to log out of game center ios 7

My iPhone

My iPhone suddenly doesn't work for the for the original apps that are related to Apple. Such as

Clash of Clans Restore iPhone 3G

I just replaced my old iphone five with a new iphone 5 yesterday due to ringer issues and restored t

Can I switch game data to new Game Center account iPhone 3G

Hi everyone I have a problem with syncing a game called Clash of Clans to game center. My

My game keeps crashing iPhone 3G

ITT: game keeps closingI recently bought something in a game called Elements: Epic Heroes (on a diff

Game center data server delete iPhone 3G

Hi,I've installed Boom. Beach on iPad but did not realize something had happened and logged me o

Non-Existent Customer Service for English Speakers in China iPhone 5

Well folks I need some help. I am a native English speaker living in Southern China.  We d

Lost Your Notes or Deleted Notes Default Account iPhone 3G


Could someone help me with my iphone 5

I am not sure if anyone has this problem at all but please see the video below. http://i1343.ph

Specific app no longer vibrating or producing sounds for push notifications iPhone

On my iPhone 5S the Google Hangouts app does not have sound and does not vibrate for push notificati

My iPhone bent iPhone 5

Hi Everyone, My iphone body is bent from nearly middle part.And my coverage is over. So, a

I can t buy gems in my game iPhone 3G

I Can't buy gems in my game

Game Center link to wrong Clash of Clans village iPhone 3G

I mistakenly linked the wrong Clash of Clans village to my game center account. Now I can't figu

My app has been crashing on me for almost day now. How I fix it without losing all my data on it iPhone 4S

Every time I open my app (Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff) it'll open for about 5 seconds then b

Hello I've got problem when I'm playing game My iphone 5s 32g spacegrey becoming very very hot specially for gameloft games but for another tasks no problem and also no problem with my battery just becoming very hot when I'm playing game ideas

Hello I've got a problem when I'm playing game My iphone 5s 32g(spacegrey) becoming very ver

way to Disable Framerate Limiter in GTA Games on iOS iPhone 5C

On the PC version, you can enable or disable the framerate limiter.When it's turned on, you get

Why isn t emergency alerts listed in notification center iPhone 3G

Yesterday we where in a tornado watch and warning. I have a ipone 4s and my daughter has a ipone 5s.

hello I have problem with my IPhone 5S not turning on

So I had my phone in my pocket this morning at a ball game, and it was fully charged. I took it out

how much downloads average in first few days of iPhone game

I recently just posted my first iphone game on the app store and I wanted to know the average downlo

GPS and Wi-Fi strength degrading with time on iPhone 4.

I am currently using iPhone 4 on iOS 7.0.4. I recently started using 2G and 3G instead of Wi-Fi

my iphone 5 screen glass crack how much price if i wanna repair at apple service center in Malaysia

Hello my iphone 5 screen glass crack how much price if i wanna repair at apple service center i