Unlock iPhone

i lost my s now i cant get my iphone 4 to activation

I cannot get past the activation screen bc i lost my sim card need help

how i add spanish keyboard to my iPhone 5 iPhone 5s

How do I add "spanish" to my keyboard on my i phone 5s?  I had to reset becaue facetime wasn

cannot get pictures off iphone due to usb driver fault iPhone 5

Hi, i have not synced my phone with i tunes for a while and when i try it says there is 1gb too much

Will all ios8 features be available on iPhone 5s

I recently had an iPhone 4 and noticed that not all of the ios7 features that were available on newe

Iphone 5s Searching for signal then device unknown

My Iphone lost service, kept "Searching" with no signal for two days then the signal turned to "No s

I've lost safari on my iPhone 4

I lost safari ! How can I get it back?

How can I track my stolen covered iPhone

I had recently had my iPhone 5s 32GB stolen right out of my bag. Luckily, because I have the tendanc

Broken Iphone iPhone 5

Hi! My husband has broken my iphone 5S by throwing it hard on wall. It was totally destroyed but was

Help My laptop crashed need to transfer pictures from folders on iphone 4

Help! My laptop crashed, and I lost important pictures which I had synced to my iphone 4... How can

I have new iPhone and have kept my old one to play music in another room when i recently updated my new iPhone it has backed up to my old iPhone and I have therefore lost pictures messages etc from my new phone how can I get it all back iPhone 5C

I have a new iPhone and have kept my old one to play music in another room.  I have recently up

Lost Your Notes or Deleted Notes Default Account iPhone 3G


Self-timer camera third party app for iPhone 4S

Hi, I've tried a lot of third party apps with self timer functionality from the AppStore an

When I make call and I turn on loud speaker I can't hear other person and other person cannot hear me. phone totally new. What can I iPhone 4S

I have just bought a new Iphone 4s from the shop.When I make a call and I wish to turn the call on l

how to get my calendars iphone to snyc with my macbookpro

Trying to get my iphone calendar to download events calendared to my macbook pro's calendar. the

i lost ma iphone iPhone 5s

hello i dunno what to do with my iphone

suggestion for ios iPhone 5C

I work in a school and because im the techie guy whenever an ipod or iphone or ipad get turned in it

5c poor battery life iPhone 5C

I bought the iPhone 5c less than 12 months ago and I charge the phone fully in a morning and by lunc

Apple Support failure iPhone 5

Sad to learn that my iphone 5 has a bad charging port and is 10 days out of warranty.  Apple sa

My iPhone 5s will not restore what should i

one day while i stayed over my friends house i used his laptop to charge my iphone 5s overnight. but