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what is MBS hello app provisioning

iOS Publishing ERROR ITMS-9000 iPhone 3G

I'm really stressed out now with my error on publishing. I'm encountering these error. I'

I should pay to develop ios app and install just in my device I m searching for 1 week to get certificate and provisioning files iPhone 3G

I should pay to develop IOS app and install just in my device? I'm searching for 1 week to get t

ERROR 27 iPhone 5 16GB Won't Restore Stuck in DFU mode

I continue to recieve error msg when trying to restore my iphone... (end of the loading iPhone firmw

MBS-HelloApp Query iPhone 3G

hello, I'm running an iPhone 5 using iOS 6.1.4 and noticed something odd at the bottom of t

why my phone keep provisioning iPhone 4S

why does my phone keep provisioning? i get like 6 texts a day saying provisioning successful.

iPhone 4 USB Receiver corrupted from Provisioning Profile

Within recent weeks I have set up a provisioning profile on my iPhone 4 and have tested my own apps

An error occurred while restoring this iPhone-402620395

I upgraded my iPhone 3G to iOS 4 yesterday. It took awhile but everything seemed to work okay, with

Provisioning Profile Expiration Pop-up iPhone 3G

When I woke up my iPhone this morning it had this message on the screen:
provisioning Profile Ex

How I erase provisioning profiles on Developer Portal iPhone 3G

Im trying to delete expired provisioning profiles on the Developer Portal, but when I click delete

provisioning an iPhone for development affect its stability

Im about to buy an iPhone for personal use, and will also be doing some iPhone developmen

ATT FANApple Provisioning Issue-Something Doesnt Make Sense iPhone 3G

We know that Apples been making a big deal out of telling everyone with a FAN associated with their