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mbs-helloapp-provisioning profile

Iphone 5s Yellow screen tint

My New Iphone 5s Got a Annoying yellow tint sceen ,I Dont want to Jailbreak and install color profil

How can I add photos from iMessages to my albums iPhone 3G

Hello Everyone! Well my friends have been sending me pictures through iMessages but I can't

iPhone destroyed removed from support profile and still can t receive texts from iDevices. How else I remove iPhone from iMessage system

iPhone got ran over by a car. I retrieved my sim card and put it in an android phone, but can no lon

Hello i can't registrate my iPhone c apple tells me serial number already in use with another apple id iPhone 5C

Hi, i tried to registrate my new iphone 5c, but everytime i put in the serial number in my supp

Nike fuelband SE App statistics vs Nike online profile iPhone 3G

My Nike FuelBand SE syncs via bluetooth to my iPhone Nike FuelBand App.It also (on occassion) syncs

How I contact my administrator iPhone 5C

I was ridiculed by other Apple customers on this forum, most notably Gail from Maine.  I was ev

iOS Publishing ERROR ITMS-9000 iPhone 3G

I'm really stressed out now with my error on publishing. I'm encountering these error. I'

i can t find my touch id in settings app on my iphone 5s i restored today

AmishCake where in restrictions can i find it?

I should pay to develop ios app and install just in my device I m searching for 1 week to get certificate and provisioning files iPhone 3G

I should pay to develop IOS app and install just in my device? I'm searching for 1 week to get t

How can i create new usb connection service on my iMac for sharing internet from my iPhone 5 i seem have to deleted it

How can i create a new usb connection (service)  on my iMac for sharing internet from my iPhone

Why my touch screen let me touch buttons its not supposed to iPhone 5s

Hi guys, i have a question about my iPhone 5S' touch screen. For example in instagram. If i chec

Why are my initials incorrect in Game Center iPhone 3G

My initials icon in the Game Center are TB. My initials should be CB. I'm guessing this is my da

I cannot register my new iphone 5s in my apple support profile.

I cannot register my new iphone 5s, in my apple support profile. Although the iphone 5s is properly

How can I register my iphone 5 when it appears serial of phone to be registered to another apple id

I am using the specific iphone 5 64GB for almost a year and I have not registered that to my profile

If removed profile APN by Accident can you find it some where on your phone and reinstall it back on phone iPhone

Can you find a profile APN some where on a iPhone 4s that's has been remove from phone and if so

please help iPhone 5

hi couild anyone help. my 12 year od daughter has a iphone 5 and i  recently checked it as i do

ERROR 27 iPhone 5 16GB Won't Restore Stuck in DFU mode

I continue to recieve error msg when trying to restore my iphone... (end of the loading iPhone firmw

how to change contact list appering name in whats app iPhone 3G

When i am using WhatsApp Application then During receiving messages it shows Name appering diffrent

I have iPhone 3GS. With net10 s . No mms. Wtf. iPhone 5

I'm trying to save a few bucks by switching from AT&T to net10Everything works perfect e

Restore Problem on iphone 5 Please Help

My GF backed up her phone on my pc, now, "Jennifer's iPhone" doesnt even appear when we go to re