Unlock iPhone

missing key.plist data iphone

My iphone 4S not want to be open more

just because got full data inside after recording the last videos !! it switch off automatically ..

Loss of Carrier Signal iPhone 4S

I have an iphone 4s been using it for 18 months;  Last week it started dropping it's carrie

it possible to retrieve data from iPhone 5 after restoring to factory setting Not from iTunes

I accidentally restored BF's phone back this latest back-up which was March 2013... Some of his

MMS not working after IOS 7.1.1 update iPhone

I have a Apple Unlocked T-mobile iphone 5s with a Straight Talk Sim card and I’ve tried everyt

IOS Diagnostics not start in my Iphone 4S

Hi, Following my first request from you (the iphone 4S camera autofocus does not work properly,

iOS 7.1.1 Signal loss iPhone

I have just installed iOS 7.1.1 and since then have had a very weak (or no) cell signal. My wife'

Camera roll has 1 image but says I've used 1GB iPhone 5

Hello. My iphone 5 seems to be having issues. I only have one image on my camera roll, it is a scree

iPhone 5 flashing with apple logo. Plz help

I got put my phone and it was pitch black. I thought the battery was dead but the last time I used i

Please help. My iPhone 4S stuck in recovery mode. I clicked on wifi update last evening and it was interrupted and my screen was replaced with usb plug and iTunes logo. I am devastated and in dire need of remedy to this. Please help.

Please help.  My iphone 4S is stuck in recovery mode.  I clicked on the wifi update last e


my iphone5s was working properly but suddenly in sim option i saw searching.when i check my phone in

iPhone 5 iMessage Not Working Properly After iOS 7.1 Update

My problem is that after updating to iOS 7.1 on my iphone 5, my iMessage is not working correctly.&#

Phone not receiving txt messages. iPhone

Hi Community,I hope you are able to help me with this text and imessage confision. Not long ago

Missing free already loaded apps on new 5s iPhone 3G

I just got a new 5s- love it. However, my son reminded me that I should have access to Pages, Number

iOS 7 Spotlight and delete Apps broken iPhone 3G

RESET DEVICEHold down the Sleep/Wake button and the home button together until the apple logo appear

Data For Unlimited Text and talk iPhone

I have just gotten an iphone 5s and Verizon For some reason some people i can send messages to and i

Mailboxes missing iPhone 4

you should be able to see that information under mailboxes then accounts.

I Have Spyware iPhone 5s

I have an iphone 5s. I am running iOS 7.1. Recently, I have found that my battery is draining unusua

Help Messages Mail Safari and other Apps suddently not working on iPhone 4S.

Greetings, friends.  I have an iphone 4S and yesterday afternoon the Messages, Mail and Safari

I restored my phone on iTunes but when I did all my info deleted and now it's my sister's old data. I tried to go back on iTunes and restore but my original data isn't even an option. How I get my old data back iPhone 4S

I restored my phone on iTunes, but when I did, all my info deleted and now it's my sister's