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iPhone mophie juice pack beeping

I powered down my Iphone 4s and now it doesn't want to open

The battery was practically full and when i connect it to a charger it keeps beeping. When connecte

I dropped my iPhone 5S in water

It happened about a week ago.  I shut down and did what I could to dry the phone (ziplock bag a

iPhone 4 has low battery life what should i

i have an iphone 4 and its battery is getting pretty tired! i was thinking of buying a mophie batter

how you sync itunes purchased files to mophie spacepack iPhone 5

how do you sync itunes purchased files to mophie spacepack

working uncertified Lightning to USB adapters for iPhone iPhone 5

We used to have all these uncertified lightning to USB adapters that were $1 each (in a pack) from e

iphone 4s charging problem

My iphone 4s keeps making a beeping noise as if its charging every 5 seconds but the screen stays bl

White halo effect on every screen on iPhone -ideas iPhone 5

I have recently begun to have problems with my 18 month old iPhone 5 freezing in shutdown. I have ha

What should I-Sketchy Apple Repair Service iPhone 5s

What should I do about this? Should I contact Apple Support or Verizon and let them know what has ha

Iphone 5s Headphone Jack Won't Fit Properly

I have been using my Iphone 5s with the mophie juice pack plus with the headphone adapter since 5s c

activation icloud lock iphone 5s gold

Hello but I have another account which gt_z305@hotmail.com phone closed at the expense of another I

Battery dying so fast on 4s

I've had an iPhone 4s (verizon) for about 2 years.  The battery has suddenly gotten really

my phone froze so i locked it. tried opening it screen wont even light up. what's up i need to use it asap. iPhone 4

i just recently replaced the simcard to my personal simcard earlier. after e few hours of usage (mes

I didn t receive what I brought iPhone 3G

So I brought a $25 iTunes card and went to purchase the $9.99 diamond pack on Edjing and I didn'

iPhone 5-No sound via earpiece or headphones during call

Hello.I've purchased iP5 , with a problem - there was no sound via earpiece during the call. I&#

iPhone Charger not working help iPhone 5C

I had the iPhone 4 before and ever since I got the iPhone 5C the chargers I have gotten have been me

iPhone 4S shutting down after iOS7 and support from Apple Chat

So, my iPhone is shutting down suddenly with battery at about 40% and saying that it ran out of juic

My iPhone 7 will not turn on will not charge iPhone 5s

I've woken this morning and found that my iPhone will not turn on.  It seemed to turn itsel

iPhone 5c has black screen and makes beep sounds

iPhone 5c screen has gone black and when connected to computer, it makes a beeping sound every 2 sec