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how to move and scale wallpaper photo on iphone 5

Why can't I use my iphone 5 as an external hard drive

When I plug in my iphone 5 into my PC, I should be able to see a new external drive connect.  I

away to only send pictures via iMessage and never text message iPhone

Whenever I send a photo via iMessage and it isn't possible it sends it via text instead. The pro

My Iphone 5s screen frozen

My phone screen has randomly froze and I can't do anything at all on the screen. I can press the

iPhone 5 restore Error 1

To Whom It May Conern, I recieved an iphone from a friend recently (iphone 5) with a shattered

My iPhone stuck in DFU mode but it will not restore please help me iPhone 5C

What happened to my phone was I was having screen issues so i replaced it and it worked normally for

I have this strange rectangle on my iphone 5s it moves all over screen one row at time reboot did not help

Cannot Delete Videos From Videos Album iPhone 3G

On my iphone in Photos I have albums of  - Camera Roll, My photo Stream, Videos, Events, Faces

iPhone 5 running iOS 7.1 self-launches applications

Since upgrading my iphone 5 to iOS 7.1 I have been experiencing 2 strange issues:1 - When plugged in

iPhone 4S stopped connecting to wifi.

The phone was working fine. Then I couldn't move the button on the WiFi setting. Any suggestions

Neither camera or screen damaged grey circles appear in all photos. fix iPhone 5

When i take a photo the images have grey circles appear, and also a red mark. I can zoom and turn ph

iPhone 5s QC-Getting bit sick of this

Last week I noticed that the screen in the phone I bought back in October ’13 was moving insid

Incorrect remaining storage available in Usage in settings help really scaredworried iPhone 5s

   Here is my storage, its a 16GB 5s, i started out with 12.9, and over the months, m

transfer photo and videos iPhone

Why I can't download/transfer any photos and video from my iphone 4 (iOS 7.1) to my MacBookPro 1

When Apple going to incorporate photo capture on find iPhone app. My daughter had her phone stolen we used app to locate but people who stole her phone kept switch it off and on . After period of time they switched it off.

Please could you incorporate photo capture when iphone lost mode is activated

marks on photosvideo iPhone 5

I've justrecently noticed marks on my photos & videos - I've attached a photo example (l

Got my cracked iphone screen replaced and now my phone has mind of it's own. iPhone 5C

It will select anything at everything at random, I'll text somebody and it will type random lett

Iphone as webcam iPhone 5s

Is there a way that i can use my iphone as a webcam? I have a macbook pro and i use the webcam on si

dots on my pictures iPhone 5

There is a faint dot in all mt pictures and it makes all my pictures go out of focus. I use my phone

Differentiate phone s for same contact in Message. iPhone

I don't see an obvious way. I have two phone numbers for a family memeber. When I receive m

Black Line on Camera Screen Problem Help Please iPhone 5

  See that little black squiggle line on the bottom right. It just today appeared on my iP