Unlock iPhone

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Hi, i have not synced my phone with i tunes for a while and when i try it says there is 1gb too much

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Is there a photo album app that let's you add a photo to an album from the full-screen view of a

When I receive call caller ID photo thumbnail how I make it full screen iPhone

When I receive a call the caller ID photo is a thumbnail how do I make it full screen?

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Hey, I've been using iMessage ever since I got my phone a few months back and I accidentall

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I updated my iphone 5c to the iOS 7.1.1 last night and didn't think I would have any problems. I

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in the music app, the tabs at the bottom are "radio, genius, playlists, artists, more" and under mor

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When I move my apps around and sync they are fine. But when I restart my phone all the apps move bac

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I'm running Windows 8.1, have 5s phone.  I want to upload my photo Stream to my computer, a

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How do I delete photos from photo stream? I can delete from my photo stream but not from photo strea

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Can someone tell me how I can get rid of the photo's I have synced for my Wallpapers in my "Rece

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I have been dealing with a problem where the entire display on my iphone 5 becomes jumpy and scrambl

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My wife's phone will not send photos via iMessage to my phone.  We're on the exact same

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My camera roll is a mess. so many photos over each other. I need categories to organize them. I crea

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Hi, Can anyone advise how the move slideshows made on a iphone to a deskbased mac?, its been stumpim

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I am wondering if there is a way to change settings so that my wallpaper for the locked screen doesn

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Hi folks,  Is there a way to move items from Apple's native Notes to another note app. such

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I've been trying to delete an app and every time I tap on it the X doesn't appear so I can&#

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I have very little storage left on my iphone 4s 8gb. Is there anyway I could move my documents to m

Caller photo full screen iPhone

Full screen for the caller