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notes in ios 7 disappearing

how can i check when i booked my appointment i forgot. iPhone 5

i thought i had wrote it down on my notes...i would like to know if i can find out when the appointm

Lost Your Notes or Deleted Notes Default Account iPhone 3G


My notes disappeared from my iphone

I found my notes in my gmail account... which is a strange place for them.  But I want them und

Apple s native Note on iphone and pad. Help

Hi folks,  Is there a way to move items from Apple's native notes to another note app. such

My iPhone 5s Screen Completely Unresponsive

I've read other issues with this, but none of them seem to sound quite like mine. I'm desper

Stupid security or how I lost all my data iPhone 3G

Hi Apple, All This has the potential to be a bit of a long story so bare with me. Thanks. 

2 Copies of default app on iPhone 5c

I would like to have two copies of notes on my iPhone 5c, one for work, one personal. Is this possib

How to find backed up notes on Mac iPhone 3G

I've just sent my phone for repair recently. Before that I backed up everything on to iTunes Mac

Help to downgrade from iPhone 5s to 3Gs

Hello knowledgeable Apple people, I know it's a bit of an odd thing to do, but I'd like

I broke my Iphone 5 How can i back it up if i cant unlock it

     I dont know what to do. My phone is completely distroyed, when I plug it in

I restored iPhone 5 to an old backup and lost current data can I retrieve it

I tried trial tests with 3rd party data retrieval companies but none got my latest notes or texts or

Storage Gigs Disappearing iPhone 4S

Lately, randomly, my IPhone has been saying my storage is full. When I look at the usage none of the

How you optimize iPhone iPhone 5

is there any way to make the phone run faster and in i tunes what is notes&Ducuments how do i ma

Re undo new iPhone sync to iTunes

I had been using my new iPhone 5C without syncing it to iTunes so had notes/messages/photos just on

iPhone 2G SMS messages not restored onto new iPhone 4 7.1

Just gave my wife my old iPhone 4, giving it a fresh install of 7.1.1 and then restoring a backup of

Storage full iPhone 4

I have an 8GB iPhone 4, with only 8 apps, no music, 29 pictures, no videos, 68 notes, and that's

2 iPhone s 2 iTunes libraries same iTunes

Hi everybody, I am getting an iPhone 5s soon and giving my girlfriend my 4s.  Now, she has

ios 7.1.1 bug-Text vanishes midway typing in mailtextnotes after uptading iPhone 4 to iOS 7.1.1 and it goes to home screen.

iOS 7.1.1 bug - Text vanishes midway while typing in mail/text/notes/reminders after updating iPhone

Upgrade 7.1.1 iPhone 5

After upgrading to 7.1.1 all my recent notes are gone