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I previously had an iphone 4s which paired and played just beautifully with my 13 Kia using the USB

I can't connect via Bluetooth with my JBL Flip with iOS 7.1 iPhone 4S

Since the iOS 7.1 update, my iphone 4s won't pair with my JBL Flip. It shows up as a nearby devi

Bluetooth Handsfree Issues On iOS 7.1 iPhone

I have a 2010 BMW 335i with iDrive and Nav.  I also have an iphone 5s. Since updating my i

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I will turn on bluetooth on my iphone 5c and the on/off slider will change to the "spinning wheel of

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I just got a bluetooth for my 5s iphone. I got it to pair fine and I can listen to music and talk to

My iPhone 5s will not pair with my Alpine car audio system

My iphone 5s will not pair with my Alpine car audio system, it pairs with all devices at the Apple s

bluetooth not working iPhone 5

the bluetooth will pair..... it shows I'm connected then I exit the setting for the bluetooth an

Iphone 3GS as Bluetooth receiver.

I work on the mines and want to listen to the TV with headphones on as not to disturb next room. 

My iPhone 5 won't connect to Bluetooth specifically Bluetooth of ue boom speaker. My friends iPod 5 will though

I am trying to connect my iphone to the ue boom via Bluetooth. My partners phone (iphone 4) connecte

My Bluetooth was working week ago but it doesn't show up or connect in my bluetooth list it just says still searching for devices why won't my bluetooth connect or pair again iPhone 4

The bluetooth showed up in the bluetooth list last week & now it won't even connect to the p

iPhone 5S not pairing with Clarion CZ702 head unit

I purchased a Clarion CZ702 head unit a few months ago and back then I was still using my iphone 4 (

iphone diabled due to forgotten password.

My sons phoned has been disabled due to him changing and then forgetting the password.  I have

hi i am having problems with bluetooth connection My phone wont pair with other devices its an iphone 4s

Hi all. I hope someone can help me with bluetooth connectivity? My phone wont pair up with other dev

i was trying to pair my iphone 5s to my car hands free device and i cant get it to work

I have a JVC KD-R840BT, i purchased a few month ago and it worked fine with my iphone 4, but i canno

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Hi. I got the iphone 4 a few days ago and put an otter box on it immediately   I just trie

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HI  I've recently removed a broken headphone  jack from an ipod touch and as there app

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I have a Bluetooth speaker that connects to my iphone 4. But my new 5s will not pair. Device is in r

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Hi,  I had a Samsung Stratosphere until I purchased the iphone5.  Immediately after the

Iphone data iPhone 5C

I keep using all of my data on my monthly bill on my iphone 5c. Was just wondering if I can pair my


Dear Apple team ,I contacting you in this way because you have no representation in Argentina where