Unlock iPhone

how to make pixture smaller for iphone wallpaper

Iphone 4s Searching for carrier

My iphone 4s was working perfect.. but from yesterday it is not detecting my netwrok but some time i

Apple India After sales Disaster iPhone 5

I have been an avid user of Apple products, my first was the 1st generation Ipod in 2002 and it stil

Flew out of state iPhone 5 will not connect to wifi or 3G

Phone was working fine, got on the plane, put it in airplane mode then once I got off the plane and

Which charger can charge my iPhone faster iPhone 5s

Hey guys, I had a concern and a confession to make. What I want to confess is that I have

an adapter will fit my iPhone 4 speakers etc to my new iPhone 5

I have a ton of speakers, car cables etc that I bought for my iphone 4. I now have a 5 and the plug

i wanna to make warranty iPhone 5s

i wanna to Activation the warranty how to do this sent to me the link please

Can I trade my new iPhone 5c for 5s including costs I would need to pay to make up for 5s

My dad just bought me an iphone 5c as a grad present, but I really prefer the iphone 5s more. Does a

When I receive call caller ID photo thumbnail how I make it full screen iPhone

When I receive a call the caller ID photo is a thumbnail how do I make it full screen?

I am an American traveling to Canada with iPhone 5s

All I want to do with my iphone 5s is make a few phone calls, SMS text, use wifi when available, and

Speakers Making High Pitched Noises iPhone 5

Hey guys so I have my iphone 5 for about 2 years in like 40 days (So I am still under warranty) Anyw

iPhone says searching for service after ios 7.1.1 update HELP iPhone 5C

I updated my iphone 5c to the iOS 7.1.1 last night and didn't think I would have any problems. I

IPhone got repaired by apple but when it came from repair same problem was still iPhone 5C

So yesterday i found out that my iphone's screen is making a creepy sound when i push the upper

Why would my phone this iPhone

So I was driving through town the other day and making a call through my Bluetooth to the place I wa

Why wont my phone make calls iPhone

It won't connect to mobile at all

iPhone 4s unlock and OneSimCard

My wife is going out of the country and I elected to have her phone and my phone unlocked.  I p

why my iphone can't start up

hello apple comumunity let me explain the other day i was doing a backup to my iphone to instal

my suddenly no longer works and dosn't show sign and when i try to make restore for it iTunes shows me error 4005 and my iPhone not respond to iTunes iPhone 5

my  suddenly no longer works and dosn't show any sign and when i try to make restore for it

iPhone 5 battery life

I've had my iphone for a year and a couple months and just recently my iphone wasn't chargin

Can I purchase new S card iPhone 5

My phone has a message that says "Invalid SIM" and I can't receive or make phone calls.

Lost Your Notes or Deleted Notes Default Account iPhone 3G