Unlock iPhone

PM notification cancel pid 58 BTServer

Iphone 5c won t send picture messages

My wife and I have exact Iphone 5c's, I can send picture text messages but she cannot. This feat

Return money iPhone 3G

Hello!I want return my money. I want to cancel the purchase of 10 GB to store icloud

Reinstall app no push notifications iPhone 3G

After deleting an app then reinstalling it at a later time, I no longer receive push notifications f

Specific app no longer vibrating or producing sounds for push notifications iPhone

On my iPhone 5S the Google Hangouts app does not have sound and does not vibrate for push notificati

Screen jumps from one thing to another I press return and it pulls down my notification bar I don't what to iPhone 5C

I don't know if I have to go get another phone or if it's the software

When I get text message it shows up at top of my screen and shows I have one on my my home screen but when I go into my messages nothing .iPhone 4s

I'll get a text and see the banner at the top of the screen, then it also has the notification n

How I cancel activation on iPhone 4

I used to use my iPhone 4 as a cell phone but then I got another phone and used this one as an iPod.

when on call my email and text notification still come through how i stop this iPhone

How do I stop my email and text notifications whilst making a phone call?

How I make new voicemail notification red dot go away on iPhone 4

How about trying the troubleshooting steps as recommended in the User Guide--restart, reset, restore

Why isn t emergency alerts listed in notification center iPhone 3G

Yesterday we where in a tornado watch and warning. I have a ipone 4s and my daughter has a ipone 5s.

text message notification not sound iPhone

Same thing happening to me with my 4s after upgrading to IOS7 - intermittent with texts and phone ca

backup pics unable to enter passcode. iPhone 5C

My screen is frozen black but i still hear notification sounds and siri still works. its still under

Iphone 5s Back Lighting works intermittently touchscreen works

My phone has been acting up since installing the latest iOS 7.1.1.  The back lighting for the s

Delay between notification and iMessage appearing in conversation iPhone 4S

Hi all, Problem: I get my usual message notification, and from the lock screen I swipe to revea


My wifi won't work on my iPhone 4s, just one day it stopped working. I've tried everything a

How I get iPhone 5S LED notification to work

I turned the LED notification on within the iOS software, but for some reason it's not working..

I dropped my Iphone and it shattered and glass came off it worked for awhile but not anymore. Help iPhone 5

I dropped my Iphone 5 and the screen shattered, some glass came of the top (by the camera) and it wo

my iphone turns off on its own constantly-getting more frequent. even when I'm on calls iPhone 4S

My iphone turns off constantly - message pops up with "slide to power off" on top and a cancel on th

An error has occurred keeps coming up when I try to update my iPhone 4s to iOS 7.1.1

I have tried multiple times to update my iPhone 4s to iOS 7.1.1 but I keep getting a notification th