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Where are podcasts in ios 7

I need an app or someway to monitor and block all my apps from using internet. iPhone 3G

Can someone give me some advice? I'm currently being charged a lot for data since going over and

after 7.1.1 update jpg s unreadable and podcast app dies iPhone 3G

That about says it. the update screwed the phone and the ipad (at least the jpg issue, don't use

Podcast App crashes on my phone. iPhone 3G

After installing latest iTunes update (11.2), the Podcast App crashes on my iPhone 4S.  I have

IPhone 5s battery life

Today during a 12 hour period my phone went from 100% to 8%. During this time I listened to audio po

If I delete podcast on my iPhone why it then download on my computer

I subscribe to a podcast on my phone and on my computer (itunes).  I downloaded and listened to

Podcast.app on iPhone not Correctly Syncing with iTunes Stops Playback Trys Download via 3G

Hi all, Need your help: I am having a set of podcasts in iTunes that I would like to liste

iOS 7.1 device disconnects when skipping track iPhone 4

I use an adapter (iSimple ISGM575) that integrates into my factory radio, effectively turning it int

Podcasts not syncing correctly w iTunes iPhone 3G

Despite my settings to just sync unplayed episodes of selected podcasts, my iPhone shows ALL podcast

Will Podcasts 2.0 work with iOS 7.1 iPhone 3G

Will podcasts 2.0 work with iOS 7.1?

Help I just installed latest update on my IPhone 4 and now I can't open of my stored podcasts. When I hit podcast icon screen goes white for second and goes back to opening page with all icons. What happened iPhone 4S

Help! I just installed the latest update on my IPhone 4 and now I can't access my podcasts. When

iPhone 5 7.0.4 stopped syncing playlists podcasts with iTunes 11.1.4

I'm not sure where something changed, but my iPhone (7.0.4) recently stopped syncing with iTunes

iPhone 5S Bluetooth Issues ARRRRGH

Greetings from sunny Guam.   Hoping someone can help me resolve an issue that just came up

iphone 4s heavy user-phone shuts off at 30 charge

Hi, Thanks to all for whatever help can be provided.  I have an iPhone 4s with Verizon. It'

play podcast in music playlist ios7 iPhone 3G

How can i play my podcast(mixes) in my music playlists on ios7?? I've multiple playlist wit

Podcasts crash-music plays unexpectedly when using headset iPhone 3G

iPhone 5s, IOS 7.0.4 I listen primarily to podcasts using the podcast app from podcasts that I

Can I listen to podcasts without Wi-Fi iPhone 3G

We went out of the country on vacation.  Before I left, I downloaded podcasts from my computer

What best and smallest bluetooth audio-only earpiece for iPhone iPhone 5C

I'm not looking to make calls, but listen to music/podcasts in one ear. Looking for a one-part p

Podcasts not syncing iPhone 3G

Hi all, Slight problem with my iTunes and podcasting. I have 44 podcasts that are no longer on

audiousb cable with lightning connector iPhone 5s

my car stereo came with a cable that has the 30 pin connector on one end, and the other end splits i

Myriad problems since updating iPhone 4 to iOS7

I have had an iPhone 4 for a little over 2 years and had experienced no hardware or software problem