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Multiple accounts-1 MAC address and 1 IP address iPhone 5

Hi, Someone has told me that they have evidence of myself and another user, via messaging on an

Loss of Carrier Signal iPhone 4S

I have an Iphone 4s been using it for 18 months;  Last week it started dropping it's carrie

MMS not working after IOS 7.1.1 update iPhone

I have a Apple Unlocked T-mobile iPhone 5s with a Straight Talk Sim card and I’ve tried everyt

Why my messages keep disappearing from Notification Centre iPhone

I've only noticed this since upgrading to iOS 7.1 and I can't find any answers anywhere on t

way add memory to my iPhone 4

I got my iPhone 4 a year ago in my local Verizon wireless store. At the time, Verizon was running a

iOS 7 updates don't fix main issue iPhone 5C

Ever since the release of iOS 7 to mobile devices, all that have downloaded this upgrade are experie


Rajesh Kumar <rajesh.kumar1978@gmail.com> Apr 14 (9 days ago)  to services.cp, service.cp

Verizon Wireless MicroTower iPhone 5s

I have had a Verizon wireless Microtower (26uc4) for several years, as I have limited cell service a

for internet iPhone 5C

My handset apple iphone 5c internet is not working

My iPhone won't power on even after 2 trips to Apple repair service. iPhone 5

My iPhone5 won't power on, even after 2 trips to Apple repair service.  I got it back both

Intermittent no service on my new iphone 5s

I have had a new iPhone 5s. Getting intermittent no service on it which is really annoying.  Ne


Got a screen crack replaced, now apple service center refuses to attend to camera repair saying it w

Phone not receiving txt messages. iPhone

Hi Community,I hope you are able to help me with this text and imessage confision. Not long ago

Very disappointed iPhone 4S

Enjoying far greater than average customer loyalty, as does Apple, I'm curious as to their treat

Help Messages Mail Safari and other Apps suddently not working on iPhone 4S.

Greetings, friends.  I have an iPhone 4S and yesterday afternoon the Messages, Mail and Safari

How much for power button replacement iPhone 5

Power button for my iphone 5 can't work,can't power on/off or wake/sleep the device,have to

iPhone 4 activation error.Wrong imei showing in settings. I bought it recently and owner said it was locked to UK Vodafone carrier but it seems it wasn't.I checked twofree and paid imei checkers showed me this iphone retail unlocked

Hello. iPhone 4 activation error.Wrong imei showing in settings. I bought it recently and the owner

Ne433b iPhone 4

Hi, I have an Apple iphone 4 GSM (AT&t) USA out of Contract phone. Its shows No service issue in

help article not explain how to find serial number for iPhone 5c and support process requires Serial number and MEID.

In order to request support for the iPhone it requires a serial number, however it appears there is

iphone 5 recovery mode try to restore but error 1669 solution

iphone 5 after update ios by OTA 7.1..no sim and no service..keep searching.try to restore with itun