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how to recover deleted or missing contacts from straight talk

what makes M7 chip erratic iPhone 5s

I've been having the strangest thing happening lately. Some days, the step counter isn't giv

I just got call from someone whom I had blocked. How did this happen iPhone

With iOS 7 I created a contact title "Spam." I then blocked this contact. Anytime I get a call from

My caller id doesn t show phone numbers unless they are in my contacts iPhone

My iphone 5S won't show me the phone number of the person calling unless they are in my contacts

else get mad when you purchase an app iPhone 5

And that app does nothing like it says it does in its description?! I'm so tired of this! For ex


my iphone5s was working properly but suddenly in sim option i saw searching.when i check my phone in

How i recover old voicemails after upgrading phones iPhone

I just upgraded phones from a iphone 4 to an iphone 5s.  I have a number of voicemails on the o

Missing free already loaded apps on new 5s iPhone 3G

I just got a new 5s- love it. However, my son reminded me that I should have access to Pages, Number

Please I gave my old iphone 4 to friend but am worried now if he can t gain access to my deleted videos and photos with of recovery methods on iPhone

I don't no if is safe to give out my old iPhone4 for future reasons?

Data For Unlimited Text and talk iPhone

I have just gotten an IPhone 5s and Verizon For some reason some people i can send messages to and i

Mailboxes missing iPhone 4

you should be able to see that information under mailboxes then accounts.

I want to use my old email address has my previous purchases of application its just i cant remember my old password i tried to reset my password but says email address or ou guys dont sens me email on how to reset my password HELP iPhone 3G

Currently using a new apple id its just that i want to use my old apple id because of the apps that

Why won t iMessages send of my photos iPhone 5 iOS 7.1

Hello! I'm facing a little problem with iMessage. Each time I try to send a photo from my C

I restored my phone on iTunes but when I did all my info deleted and now it's my sister's old data. I tried to go back on iTunes and restore but my original data isn't even an option. How I get my old data back iPhone 4S

I restored my phone on iTunes, but when I did, all my info deleted and now it's my sister's

data in sync for icloud deleted no iPhone 3G

data in the sync for icloud deleted is no?

My iPhone 5 syncing songs I don t have selected in iTunes.

I have an iPhone 5, iOS 7.1, iTunes 11.1.5.  There are songs on my iPhone that I haven't se

Can you get back deleted I cloud back ups. iPhone 5s

Can you get back deleted I cloud back ups or can you only get back the ones showing on I cloud.

Lost contacts iPhone 4S

I lost all my contacts suddenly can't get them back?

How I save my iPhone backup once my computer wiped

I'm wanting to wipe my computer clean to start it all fresh due to not having enough disk space

iCloud storage and backup iPhone 4S

Re:  iCloud storage:  My iPhone 4s is telling me that I can't back-up my phone because

Space usage issues iPhone 5s

Hello, I have an iPhone 5s 16gb and I've been trying to update the ios software but it keep