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what does a red circle with square mean on Imusic iPhone 5

if you deleted device off of find my iphone .how you get device to start back up agian and put it back on find my iphone

if you deleted a  device off of find my iphone.how do you get the device to start back up agian

What lock with circle around it mean in top right corner of my iPhone 5c

what does the lock with a circle around it mean in the top right corner of my iphone 5c

iphone 4 running on ios 7.1.1 wont download apps

i updated my iphone 4 to ios 7.1.1 as requested by itunes.  now i go in to the appstore and it

My home wifi will not connect. iPhone 5C

My house wifi will not connect, but everyone else in my house is using it on their iphones. I click

spinning loading wheel stays spinning all time iPhone 5

The loading circle thing at the top of my screen keeps spinning and spinning even while I'm brow

I bought an iphone 4 from friend. wanted to get her pics and music off of phone. I selected clear data iPhone 4S

I bought an iphone 4 from a friend. I wanted to remove her music, etc. I selected to clear phone in

help me. When I try to update via wifi my iphone 4 just keeps on loading with circle.and i tried itunes and says problem with connection even i have good internet connection. please help me

Please Help me. I tried to update my iphone 4 via WiFi. and what happens is it only keeps on loading

white square on iphone screen iPhone 5

I recently started seeing a white square on the top left corner of the screen while unlocking or ope

it possible for find my iphone app to give an inaccurate location when it tracking movement perfectly down street and no green circle around it

Is it possible for the find my iphone app to give an inaccurate location when it is tracking movemen

Multiple problems with IOS 7.1.1 iPhone 5C

After updating my iphone 5C to IOS 7.1.1, the bluetooth, wifi, time and date will not work. The blue

iPhone 4s manufacturer's defect help

I got an iphone 4s almost 2 years ago. I dropped it in the washing machine a few months ago & ob

iPhone Volume Glitch iPhone 4S

Okay community: I'm having a very odd problem, and yes, I've tried restarting, rebooting, re

I almost erased all files in my iPhone 5 and try to used erase all content and settings just in case it would not take long to reboot. Still it more than 3 hours and nothing happens.

More than three hours already and nothing happened. It's still totally black with circle at the

I have outline square display going all time iPhone 4

I have a square outline changing and moving on all my application

no screen iPhone 4S

My iphone 4 has no screen.  When charging it, it has noise.  When I press on/off button on

I have lock with circle around it on my iPhone how I shut this off

I have a lock with a circle around it how do I shut this off

Exit Recovery Mode on Iphone 5 PLEASE HELP

CAN SOMEBODY PLEEEEAASSSEE HELP ME I'm currently travelling abroad all alone and I need my

siri doesn't take me home iPhone 5s

I'm so frustrated!  I can't get my brand new iphone 5s to know where I live. "I don'

Can t end phone calls ocasionally iPhone

So I've had a weird thing happen on my iphone 5 lately, and I've only noticed it since updat

iPhone 5 home button fell off

My out of warranty iphone five has tape around the home button because it fell off!  Apple supp