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how to reinstall ios 6.0.1

My game keeps crashing iPhone 3G

ITT: Game keeps closingI recently bought something in a game called Elements: Epic Heroes (on a diff

Reinstall app no push notifications iPhone 3G

After deleting an app then reinstalling it at a later time, I no longer receive push notifications f

I hear Strange Echo sound and bleep on iPhone 5c

I hear a Strange Echo sound on iPhone 5c while making calls, also strange bleep sound while ringing

Wi-fi drops after frequently but shows connected iPhone 5s

Hi, Since the time I purchased my iPhone 5s, I have been facing this problem with Wi-fi. The fi

I have iPhone 5s. Tumblr app not reinstalling

I have a iPhone 5s. I deleted the Tumblr app and tried to reinstall it from the App Store on my phon

iPhone 5 Camera not focusing past 30cm. not software fault defiantly hardware. Can it be replaced repaired or will I have to replace entire phone

iPhone 5 Camera not focusing past 30cm. Is not a software fault, defiantly hardware. Can it be repla

My Iphone 4 has lost I activated Lost Mode Can Thief Still Use it If heshe restore or install New iOS software

Hello, Last week someone stolen my iphone 4, I activated Lost Mode from my Icloud Account, I re

Can I locate memory leaks to keep apps from crashing iPhone 3G

Hello clever people,Since the iPhone 4s is still on the market, I assume that my 2 year old 4s shoul

Reinstall update iPhone 5

I am needing to reinstall 7.1.1. How do I get this 'pushed' to my iPhone?

update unavailable with this apple id iPhone 3G

I recently changed my Apple ID region and now some Apps can't be updated. I get and error messag

new iphone update killed my cell. iPhone 4S

the latest update killed my iphone 4s. it's now stuck on itunes with the usb under it. i've

Currently my Iphone 4s not working correctly. Social media apps are not connecting and i can't reinstall apps.

As the title says, Social media apps(kik,facebook, and even the app store) cannot connect, download

PowerLock Button Replacement iPhone 4

After replacing the power/lock button on my iPhone 4, I lost the function of the secondary microphon

Problems After Updating iPhone 4

I've used nothing but Apple products for eight years now but I'm wondering if I should stop

Messages on iPhone 4 iOS 5.1.1 to Messages 8.0 on OSX Mavericks not working

Hello All, I have a very specific issue with my wifes iPhone 4 on iOS 5.1.1 using Messages to s

iPhone 5S frozen screen

Ever since I bought my new iPhone 5S last January, either the screen or the buttons freeze on an alm

App Store says app installed but I can t find it and I never saw logo being downloaded. iPhone 3G

I've downloaded three apps, but they're not on my phone. When I connected my phone to my mac

dropped my phone in water and now camera doesn't work ideas why its' only thing not working iPhone 4S

I somehow knocked my iphone 4s in the sink of water and everything seems to work except the camera

How to remove en completely newly install game app iPhone 3G

Hi, I was playing a game, but i want to delete it and reinstall to start all over again from th