Unlock iPhone

how to reinstall ios 6.0.1

iPhone 5S frozen screen

Ever since I bought my new iPhone 5S last January, either the screen or the buttons freeze on an alm

App Store says app installed but I can t find it and I never saw logo being downloaded. iPhone 3G

I've downloaded three apps, but they're not on my phone. When I connected my phone to my mac

dropped my phone in water and now camera doesn't work ideas why its' only thing not working iPhone 4S

I somehow knocked my iphone 4s in the sink of water and everything seems to work except the camera

How to remove en completely newly install game app iPhone 3G

Hi, I was playing a game, but i want to delete it and reinstall to start all over again from th

Battery indicator iPhone 5s

iPhone 5S 32GB.  Wot the phone wet so put it in a drying out bag for a week.  The phone wa

Updated App won t load-X-Men BotA iPhone 3G

Hello, I installed a mandatory update for the X-Men: Battle of the Atom game last friday, and s

Unable to slide to unlock with 'Photo stream' alert stuck on screen-not frozen iPhone 4S

I changed my password yesterday.  It recognized it right away (I downloaded an app just after c

My iphone keeps going in circles asking for my password when I try to update apps help

My iphone 4 (not sure if its a 4 or 4S) stopped letting me update my apps after an ios update a few

How can I get rid of insufficient funds prompt iPhone 5s

Whenever I try to download or update any app under my account it tells me "insufficient funds" and f

My 4s automatically minimize app i m using iPhone 3G

Greetings apple users, i wanted to share some of my experience in my device which i guess for me is

Not receiving text iPhone

I am not receiving some texts for an extended amount of time. I have performed soft and hard shut do

Iphone 4S

Hello, I wanted to clear all information from my iphone 4s to give it to my wife, after the tot

i tunes not recognize iphone windwos 7

when i connect  iphone to the computer it appears like a camera and iTunes dose not identify it

iOS 7.1 Random Reboots iPhone 4S

So, according to all the reports, iOS 7.1 is meant to fix the white/black screen reboots. Well, HUGE

Upgraded now to iOS 7.0.6 and no s card error iPhone 5s

After I updated my iphone 5s to the latest security patch on 24 Feb 2014 I started getting a no sim

If removed profile APN by Accident can you find it some where on your phone and reinstall it back on phone iPhone

Can you find a profile APN some where on a iPhone 4s that's has been remove from phone and if so

I have previously installed and paid for TomTom Western Europe maps. I uninstalled it and when I tried to reinstall it it said I didn t have enough space. After checking and deleting numerous apps to create enough space it still says I don t have enough. iPhone 3G

I have previously installed and paid for TomTom Western Europe maps. I uninstalled it and when I tri

How to get phone icon back on my iphone

I found the phone apps (for calling others) was deleted (maybe by my kid). Can you help to reinstall

No Simcard message iPhone 5

Lately my iPhone 5 keeps giving me a message that there's no Simcard detected. It corrects itsel

Whatsapp doesn t receive messages instantly iPhone 3G

Hello, Recently, my friend's iPhone started to show problems within Whatsapp, not receiving