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how do I remove ios 7 beta from iphone

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I just bought a second hand iphone 4S and tried to restore it. But when i activated the phone throug

how you remove S card from one iPhone 5 and place it in another iPhone 5s

how do you remove the SIM card from one iphone 5 and place it in another?

iPhone destroyed removed from support profile and still can t receive texts from iDevices. How else I remove iPhone from iMessage system

iphone got ran over by a car. I retrieved my sim card and put it in an android phone, but can no lon

iPhone 5 Battery life keeps changing when placed on charger

Got an iphone 5 and have never had issues with it till now. One minute the phone will be fully charg

My Iphone recently broke and I had to switch back to my old non-smart phone and I am currently not receiving messages from Iphone users using Imessage and I cannot log into my old Iphone to turn anything off from so how can I disable my number

Yeah bascially all in the title but I need to remove my number from imessage but I can not do that f

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I have been having problems transferring photos to my PC. I am able to transfer the photos to my com

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hay there, i am having trouble getting my phone to charge, the phone seems to recognise that there i

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I took my phone into repair a few weeks back and probably got non OEM parts. Now after having my pho

Help iMessage stuck with my email as primary contact instead of my number. I can t remove email address iPhone

iMessage is stuck with my email as primary. I have my phone number set for start conversations but I

IOS 7 Grey Wifi Blue tooth-How to fix iPhone 4S

i would like to share with you how i fixed my iphone 4s after ios 7.0.4 update and lose of wifi, blu

my iphone 5s stuck in searching mode in simnetwork carrier

my iphone 5s stuck in searching sim network carrierbut i remove and put again  and replaced wit

Out-of-Warranty Service iPhone

Hey, my iphone 5 ran out of batteries today and after I charged it, it just keeping searching for th

plz help me how kud i remove Exceeded Maximum Attempts plz help me iPhone

plz help

Removing S card iPhone 5s

How do you remove the SIM card from the iphone 5s?

How to remove en completely newly install game app iPhone 3G

Hi, I was playing a game, but i want to delete it and reinstall to start all over again from th

iOS 7.1 11D167 ruined my iPhone 4S

I upgraded my iphone 4S to ios 7.1(11D167) and now most apps won't start (e.g. Facebook, Waze, V

I suspect spy app on my iphone 4 somebody watching my calls voice conversation. Can somebody help me to identify app and how to remove it

I suspect a spy app on my iphone 4 that somebody watching my calls/ voice conversation. Can somebody

How can my iPhone remove memory I was sign up to order app

I just got the iphone 5s then tried to down load app then I was order the and all my information in

I can t figure out how to eraseremove apps I don t want anymore. iPhone 3G

I can't figure out how to erase/remove apps I don't want anymore.

Updated my iPhone 5 to ios7 and my iTunes to 11.1 and now cannot removeuninstall apps Help

Hi Guys,I updated my iphone 5 to ios7 yesterday and then also updated my iTunes to 11.1 and now am t