Unlock iPhone

Text Notification Not Going Away iPhone 4S

The hard reset wipes off the data though, right? Is there anything else I could possibly do before I

Battery dying so fast on 4s

I've had an iphone 4s (verizon) for about 2 years.  The battery has suddenly gotten really

When I open some app but so When I open some app but sometime just out by them self iPhone 4S


It method or app for shutting down restarting Device when Power button no longer works iPhone 4S

Power button is broken, and now my iphone is prompting 'Invalid Sim card' (after using it no

How I unlock my iPhone 4S from set network

I recently bought an iphone 4S off a friend, the phone is locked to a network (in this case Orange o

I'm having problems connecting with my daughter with FaceTime. iPhone 4S

How can I fix this.  She has a brand new phone and I updated my phone yesterday.  FaceTime

My IPhone 4 stuck on not enough storage. I can not turn my phone off answer phone or anthing for matter. I try pressing settings button to buy to Icloud space it highlights it but nothing. I can not afford to delete anything. HELP

I have not download the new update, which for me is the ios7. I heard alot of people lost everything

iphone 4s crashed and error code 29 comes up

iphone 4s crashed and wont restore, getting error code 29 apperaring after so long,

Lost contacts iPhone 4S

I lost all my contacts suddenly can't get them back?

Ive forgotten my iPhone 5 ios7 password and ive locked it out so I have to connect it to itunes id really rather not have to connect it and lise all of my data plus I wi have to wait st least week as I'm away. Can I fix it from phone

Okay so I've forgotten my iphone 5 ios7 password and now it's locked out so that I have to c

Viber Video message iPhone 3G

Hi , I cannot play Viber Video message on iphone 4s, ios7. Any solutions?

Update to ios7.1 causing face dialing problems. iPhone

Ever since ios7.1 update, I accidentally put people on mute, speakerphone, facetime or hangup on the

I need to get hold of old messages from previous IPhone . How should I go about iPhone 4S

I need to get hold of old meesges   about 17 months from a previous iphone.  How shou

contacting apple iPhone 4S

what can i do to contact apple for getting my iphone repaired?

iCloud storage and backup iPhone 4S

Re:  iCloud storage:  My iphone 4s is telling me that I can't back-up my phone because

something with my iphone iPhone 4S

My iphone ios diagnostics are saying that my iphone have power issues I want to know what it is but

bluetooth iPhone 4S

Hai, since ios7 i can not use my bluetooth.Not in my car. not with my headset on me motor. 

My daughter's iPhone 4S wi-fi function stopped working after 18 months of ownership. Apple Store employees acknowledged it was product problem. They just they said. But because phone out of warranty they won't anything about it.

My daughter's iphone 4S wi-fi function simply stopped working after 18 months of ownership. Appl

how i go back to my old software on my iphone 4s

how do i go back to my old software on my iphone 4s