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how to reset 5s without itunes iPhone 5s

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how to reset 5s without itunes iPhone 5s

HELP - new 5S locked - and refuses to start!

Yesterday my new 5S refused to turn off after a call w a customer, and I had to turn it off to end the call.

This 5S, that replaced a 4S, was when new automatically initiated with the 4S-settings over iCloud and WiFi, hence never connected to iTunes.

So I instead followed the recommendation from Apple online support, erase it over iCloud with Find My iPhone and then connect the device to iTunes to reactivate. It has been erased, and removed from Find My iPhone, but still does not reactivate, it says that "Apple Activation Server does not respond, try later", and has said so for the past 20 hours...


When connecting to iTunes it says SIM-card is locked with PIN-code, pls insert code to unlock - but I can't get anywhere where I could type in my PIN!!!

Any good ideas?

2013-11-26 08:27:02

how to reset 5s without itunes iPhone 5s

you need to call your carrier so they can give you the pin code.. on your phone slide the "slider bar to unlock" while it is connected to itunes and then enter your pin

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