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restore 6.1.3 iphone 4

iPhone in recovery mode telling me to restore iPhone 4S

I recently updated my iphone to the new ios 7.1.1. The screen on my phone had USB cable telling me t

Restore fails iPhone 5s

Hi! I have some problems with my iphone 5s i tried to turn it on but it shows me "connect to itunes"

everyone else having battery problems with iOS 7.1.1 iPhone 5

My battery on my iphone 5 that's running iOS 7.1.1 is really bad. I called Apple and they told m

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I updated my phone lastnight/this morining and it wasnt like a normal update. first it had me connec

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I have iphone 5 with ios 7.1.1. The GPS (not in airplane mode) does not work offline since updting m

WTH iPhone 4

I just updated my iphone 4 with the newest update and it made me restore my phone while my Computer

trying to restore my iphone 5 but keep getting error message stating connection reset and try again later. please help i've locked myself out of my phone.

i try to restore my iphone 5 but itunes keeps giving me an error message saying that the connection

My touch id on iphone 5s doesn't appear

when i restore ios 7.1 .touch id is appear passcode

iPhone 5 flashing with apple logo. Plz help

I got put my phone and it was pitch black. I thought the battery was dead but the last time I used i

hi my iPhone 5 camera gone black

how can i fix this problem  i have done a restore etc  

Cannot restore my iPhone 5

So out of nowhere my iphone gets a blank screen. Can't restart it, can't do anything, just a

my itunes tells me my phone failing at restoring iPhone 3G

i was going to updATE my iphone and it told me to plug it into itunes and i did and once i did it to

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I purchased a used iphone 5 with iOS6 installed online for cash and can't use. Here are the deta

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I recently upgraded phones, but the new one had a smaller hard drive than the older one. So I did no

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I have an iphone 4 that needs to remain on its current iOS version (6.1.3). How can I do a restore w

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i forget my passcode and tried to restore it but it ask for iCloud account password but i forget tha

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I currently have the iphone 5 and recently it will viberate all the time. I notice that one screen i

Water in iphone 5

I have recently dropped my iphone5 in water, I put it in rice for several days to dry out.It won'

changed my passcode on phone and forgot new passcode how i restore phone to go on iPhone 5s

How do i restore my phone t operate i changed ;my passcode and forgot the new one