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how to reverse the ios 7 update on iphone 4

IOS7.1.1 bricked my iPhone 4s. It only shows 'connect to iTunes prompt and when I it says iPhone update server could not be contacted .

iphone is stuck on the connect to iTunes prompt. Won't connect to iTunes to recover it. Every ti

I can t download or update apps it asks me for billing information. It says was problem w previous purchase iPhone 3G

I can't update my apps because it asks me for payment info and also said that there was a proble

crapy new update crashed my phone and lost ALL my pics way of eating them back iPhone 4S

the crapy new update crashed my phone and lost ALL my pics,is there any way of eating them back

What best way to find your password to download ios 7.1.1 software update iPhone 4S

What is the best way to find your password to download ios 7.1.1 software update?

ios update problem urgent help needed iPhone 5C

after trying to update the newest version of ios my iphone 5c says to connect to itunes however i ca

My Iphone 5c's camera will not focus after newest update ios 7.1.1

After the most recent update of IOS 7.1.1, my camera will not focus when trying to take a picture. I

My iphone frozen on screen says Itunes with pic of charger. This was after i accepted system update what i

My iphone 4 is frozen.  It told me I had a system update.  When i clicked on the system up

iphone 5s wont turn on after IOS update

This morning my phone was ready for the new IOS update. Everything was going fine and it updated as

my month old iphone 5s failing restore after attempting update

GRRR, must I now look upon Apple as Msux? This is a pretty new device, bought in March 2014. I did t

7.1.1 update battery drain on iPhone 5S

is anyone else noticing a slight battery drain after update from 7.1 to 7.1.1 on iphone 5S?

google maps forgets my directions when in background iPhone 4

since iOS 7 update, I find that when I've loaded some directions into google maps, and then swit

Locked iPhone 4

Just a simple question cause I feel I been mid lead by apple, I have my iphone 4s which was a unlock

iPhone apps won t update for iPhone 5c

Hi, my iphone 5c is having a problem updating apps. My phone updates all of my apps automatically, y

MMS not working after IOS 7.1.1 update iPhone

I have a Apple Unlocked T-mobile iphone 5s with a Straight Talk Sim card and I’ve tried everyt

HELLO I WISH TO GET up date to down programs on my 3g iPhone please help i am very new at this stuff

I have a 3g phone and I need to update it to download the old and new programs on the phone It's

Iphone 5s Stuck in recovery mode when updating to 7.1.1

I was trying to update to the latest verson of iOS7 tonight my phone got stuck in Recovery Mode. Now

7.1.1 Update forces System Update iPhone 4S

I Installed the 7.1.1 update today and the phone turned off like normal. However, when it came on ag

My icloud doesn't seem to be working and I want to get latest version of itunes on my phone. iPhone 4S

My iclould doesn't seem to be working. I have downloaded the most recent itunes update, but I ca

my iPhone has new update and it now on screen has little blue circle with music symbol and carger pece and an arrow in between them pointing up it wont go away or turn off screen what i iPhone 4S

i used the new update now my screen has a blue music symbol an arrow pointing up under it and a char

i wanted to update my iphone 4s to latest version and it failed. now when i plug it in it sees phone and tells me its in recovery mode and tells me to recover it but few minutes in it fails with unknown error

help me to restore my phone