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how do i get rid of a city on my weather on my iphone

Apple Faulty Warranty iPhone 4S

Recently we returned our brand new iphone 4s to Apple, issue being that is wasn't charging prope

My iPhone

My iphone suddenly doesn't work for the for the original apps that are related to Apple. Such as

Non-Existent Customer Service for English Speakers in China iPhone 5

Well folks I need some help. I am a native English speaker living in Southern China.  We d

Damaged LCD screen apparently due to Pressure in 5S iPhone 5s

I had bought my iphone 5S the very first day it was launched in India. Now, the problem is that last

iPhone 4S has mind of its own

My phone changes settings, operates in airplane mode, (send and recieve data), tells me the weather,

Weather inaccurate iPhone 4S

My weather app is very inaccurate. Today it was raining, but the apple weather app showed it was sti

Trouble with iPhone 4 antenna

Hi, I've got a very strange trouble with my device. My iphone doesn't find any phone line/co

My iPhone 5s stopped working. Its battery went over and I couldn’t charge it more. What can I

Dear Sirs,  I live in Brazil. On March, 18th, 2014, a friend of mine was in New York city and b

i purchase iPhone 5s from e city dubai 4 months ago now my getting elecric shock and getting too muc hot also what shall i now

1.too much hot when i am chrging the time2.too much hot when i am talking to the phone3.getting elec

my iphone 5c display has been broken by an incident it has 90days hardware replacement warranty weather it possible to replace my display

my iphone 5c display has been broken by an incident it has 90days hardware replacement warranty ,wea

iPhone 5 battery life horrible and lighting cord corroded.

Today I went into the Center city Philadelphia Apple store to see what could be done about my iphone

IPhone 5s battery life

Today during a 12 hour period my phone went from 100% to 8%. During this time I listened to audio po

HELPP iPhone 5s

Hi! My name is Pablo and I'm from Brazil. I bought my iphone 5s, unlocked in January this year i

buy unlock iPhone 5 from EU Hungary will work in india without issue

buy unlock iphone 5 from EU(Hungary) will work in india without any issue with Network.in Hungary or

I bought defective iPhone 4 I did not until later when I istalled certain apps like Waze. It crashes and reboots itself when I use Waze. Apple technical support advising me to buy new iPhone . What should I Please help

Does anyone know how I can have my iPhone4 repaired? Apple sold it to me deffective but I did not re

my home city larkana iPhone 3G

Dear sir, hope u and ur family safe and sound, i am shaheer ali using iphone 4S and i downlodin

have chart translates new weather icons for IOS7 iPhone

There are many icons inside the new weather app in iphone update IOS7 which are difficult to underst

iPhone Hacked

Hey everyone I hope someone out there can help me figure this out... I was on facebook via the

Podcast.app on iPhone not Correctly Syncing with iTunes Stops Playback Trys Download via 3G

Hi all, Need your help: I am having a set of podcasts in iTunes that I would like to liste

iPhone Massive Data Spike on Sprint

So I bought a new iphone 5s Oct 2013, and had a Sprint plan carry over.  On average for the pas