Unlock iPhone

how to get rid of the passcode on iphone 5

my iphone 5S finger print touch sensor got damaged replacement of touch sensor will work touch id

a local service person damaged my iphone 5s touch sensor while replacing the strip , after that only

iPhone 5 will only let me emergency call cant type in passcode

Hi. When I was at work I left my phone on the side and people tried to get into it, but after typing

Iphone Disabled Connect to Itunes iPhone 5

My son disabled my phone by pressing the wrong passcode many times. I want to enter the actual passc

I've locked my iPhone 4s and don't my passcode

Is there a way to get your phone unlocked without a pass code?  My phone is locked and I have f

Iphone 5s power off without passcode please upgrade this software.

iphone 5s is power off without passcode key please upgrade this software.When mobile snatcher is pow

Unlock iPhone 5s with forgotten passcode

I have the iphone 5s and had been using the touch id to unlock my phone. However, my phone started a

my iphone 4 disabled cant nothing cant put in passcode all it well recive incoming calls

my i phone 4 is disabled and i cant do anything the screen says to conneted to i tunes nothing worki

I have an apple Iphone 5s and i'm facing problem. Sometimes when i unlock my phone with passcode or finger tip my screen goes white around corners. Please advice what kind of issue this.

I have an apple iphone 5s and i'm facing a problem. Sometimes when i unlock my phone with passco

okay so my brother changed passcode on my iphone now its disabled their way i can unlock it without deleting all my photos on it

okay so my brother changed the passcode on my iphone now its disabled is their any way i can unlock

My iPhone 5s Screen Completely Unresponsive

I've read other issues with this, but none of them seem to sound quite like mine. I'm desper

Hey guys I recently just replaced my home button but as soon as I replaced it option to go into fingerprint and passcode in general setting has vanished. I was wondering if way to fix this problem And I restarting it will my work. iPhone 5s

Please help

Will I have to register my iPhone to both my cellular company and Apple if I reset it

Hi. I recently forgot my Restrictions passcode and everywhere I search on Google, I see that the mai

Turn off Passcode iPhone

Hi,  Despite disabling 'Exchange Email account' from the phone, the 'Turn passcode

Just bought an iphone and seller forgot to give me passcode. Sleepawake button also not working. Pls help iPhone 5

I just bought an iphone 5, i dont want to think i was scammed. The seller forgot to give me the pass

backup pics unable to enter passcode. iPhone 5C

My screen is frozen black but i still hear notification sounds and siri still works. its still under

How can I unlock iPhone 3GS has forgotten passcode and unable to install update I tried restoring it but update keeps failing. Thank you-

Ever since I got a new iphone 5c, I have not used the iphone 3GS for months. My mother wanted to tem

Airplane mode on locked out and lost mode on iPhone 4

Help please, I was drunk one night and changed my pass codeI decided to try and put it on lost

I need help I forgot my passcode I can not restore because I can not connect to itunes cause i dont password what i please iPhone 5

I forgot my passcode I tried too many times and blocked my self. Now my iphone is saying disabled co

locked out of my iphone 5

I'm locked out of my phone, can't remember my passcode.  I'm now connected to iTune