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how to get rid of the passcode on iphone 5

Iphone batterypowercharging issue iPhone 4S

Hello everyone or anyone who might help. I've recently changed my iphone 4S's display (

phone smashed. how i backup my iphone

i smashed the front of my ihpone and the screen is black and unresponsive but its still on because i

iPhone 5c forgotten passcode-difficult circumstances

-> iOS: Forgotten passcode or device disabled after entering wrong passcode I tried putting

i got locked out of my iphone 5s and forgot my passcode lock

i got locked out of my iphone5s and forgot my passcode lock

My 2yr old nephew has diabled my iphone 5. It says connect to itunes but when I connect it to itunes it says you need to enter your passcode on device. So I forced my iphone 5 into recovery mode and it says unknown error occured 3194 . Someone help

My iphone has been disabled and I tried to restore by forcing it into recovery as it kept on saying

I have forgotten my passcode how i access my iphone iPhone 4S

I have forgotten my iphone 4s passcode..how do i access it now...?? please help..!

Forgotten iCloud password. Can't activate iPhone . iPhone 5

Please. If anyone here knows what to do. Badly need your respond. Here's the case: I accide

hey people i have restored my iphone 5s and it asks me for my app store passcode witch i ve forgot and it wont let me use iphone

hey people i have restored my iphone 5s and it asks me for my app store passcode witch i ve forgot a

i just bought brand new iphone 5s and locked myself out

and forgot the passcode. it has never been backed up and it wont let me connect to itunes what do i

Stolen phone blues iPhone 4S

Someone stole my I phone 4s from my job and my step dad ordered me a new one from amazon and it came

HELP please iPhone 4S

Hello! I need to unlock my iphone 4s. I have forgotten my passcode and now it is disabled! when i pl

i forgot my iphone 4 passcode

i forgot my iphone4 passcode and itunes keep giving my some bs mess like error or it cant restore an

i forgot my passcode iPhone 4S

Forgot my passcode

My son put passcode on his IPhone and now he not remember it. I have gone through restore process and it still not unlocking. other way to unlock phone without going to store

My son put a passcode on his iphone and now he does not remember it. I have gone through the restore

Forgot iPhone Passcode and Can't Restore because Find My iPhone On

I got the iphone 5s a few months ago and so I just put my iphone 4 in storage. Then I decided I want

s security threat on iPhone setting where thief can disable FindMyIphone app by simply deleting icloud. Can delete functionality be protected by passcode

There's a security threat on the iphone setting where a thief can disable the FindMyIphone app b

i have statement. iPhone

think apple should add, instead of having a passcode to your phone, you could just have a pass code

Please help me in recovering data iPhone 3G

Please please help me in recovering my iphone 5 data...Phone is disabled due to wrong passcode enter

Forget Passcode iPhone 5

Hi I have iphone5 _ Version  (  7.0.4  )    I forget the passcode

Iphone 5 iCloud

I forgot my password to my iCloud and I want to change it, but it says I need to enter my passcode t