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why cant i set my fingerprint on my iphone

My iPhone 5s Screen Completely Unresponsive

I've read other issues with this, but none of them seem to sound quite like mine. I'm desper

Fingerprint would not allow to add my print iPhone 5s

My fingerprint stopped to work all of sudden? Tried to scan new one but it's not working. Does a

Touch ID not working properly iPhone 5s

The fingerprint not scan finger properly

My iphone 5s got stolen. Grand-daughter has gotten two calls identified on her phone as me when I was not calling her. We suspect these calls are coming from my stolen phone. possible

My iphone5s got stolen. I blacklisted it with the carrier, AT&T. I had Apple activate Find my ip

my fingerprint isn't work iPhone 5s

my fingerprint isn't work!!! after that its OK .. but today when i want to unlock the mobile , i

Passcode Theft Protection iPhone 5C

We all know that the addition of the biometrics to the iphone 5s has led to a decrease in theft of i

Fingerprint scanner setting gone after update iPhone 5s

Today I recieved my brand new iphone 5s, so setted it all up and my fingerprint scanner and settings

fingerprint scanner on screen iPhone 5

i believe that apple next update of ios 7.1.2 should have a fingerprint scanner on the screen instea

Lost my phone In vegas 2 nights ago was able to locate it but some kids had dropped soda on top and now acting up what should I iPhone 5s

Two nights ago while I was in vegas I lost my iphone 5s in the casino. Well I have the find my iphon

iPhone 5S Touch ID This fingerprint cannot be read

Hello guys, A week ago my touch id was working just fine, had succes of 7/10 times I tried. But now

Touch ID not allowing me to create fingerprints. iPhone 5s

When I press "Use touch ID for:" and select either "iphone Unlock" or "iTunes & App Store",

Other people can open my phone by scanning their fingers iPhone 5s

The fingerprint scanner is working a bit too well. I have only set the touch ID to one finger, but I

Iphone 5s problem touch di and audio

id touch does not recognize my fingerprint and automatically delete the other, the 'audio crackl

Will they make facial recognition to replace fingerprint ID iPhone 5s

IOS 7.1 was supposed to improve the performance of fingerprint ID on iphone 5s well it hasn't re

Iphone 5s sya tidak ada menu Touch Id Fingerprint

Menu ADA iphone 5s sya regular tidak Sentuh Id (fingerprint)

Touch id doesn't work after update ios 7.1 APPLE PLEASE HELP iPhone 5s

Touch id scanner dead after update 7.1. Tried remove fingerprints but cannot add new fingerprint bec

IPhone 5s scanner fails every time

I have had my iphone 5s since December 2013. The Touch ID worked for about 2 months, and has been sl

Why doesn't touch ID work and failed message appears when I try to set up my fingerprint iPhone 5s

Why doesn't touch ID work and a "failed" message appears when I try to set up my fingerprint