Unlock iPhone

IOS 7 with 2014 New Ford Kuga with Sync iPhone 5C

Hello, I am buying a new ford titanium x which I collect in June and the dealership have advise

my iphone 5c wouldnt ring i turned it off back on and even reset it now it goes straight to voice mail

does anybody know why a iphone 5c would quit ringing i turned it off and back on even reset it now i

My iPhone 5C dropped and screen black but sound still works

My iphone 5C was charging until someone accidentally knocked it over and once it hit the ground, the

How I get flash iPhone 4S

How do I get flash for all my notifications for when. people calling and message

i am trying to figure out has my iphone been delivered iPhone 5C

i am trying to figure out has my phone been delivered to get fixed

I want to make complaint. My Iphone 5 was stolen and app search didn't work. I couldn't take my Iphone back. I am very angry because I really trusted system but it has flaws. iPhone 5s

If you are referring to Find My iphone, of course it's not foolproof; no such system can be. If

frozen screen on recent calls iPhone 5C

how can I clear the frozen screen on recent calls.  I cannot get to numbers I need to call back

iPhone 5 iOS 7.1 FaceTime failure have tried resetting phone and FaceTime no difference iPhone 5C

FaceTime failureHave tried resetting phone and resetting facetime from settings menu to no effectAny

iPhone 5 restore Error 1

To Whom It May Conern, I recieved an iphone from a friend recently (iphone 5) with a shattered

Switched to Android recently people with iphone s are sending imessage.

Recently I switched from an iphone to Android. When people try to text me they send it as imessage a

Contacts issue when messaging iPhone

When starting a new message, I type the contact name in, and it shows multiple numbers, even though

My iPhone stuck in DFU mode but it will not restore please help me iPhone 5C

What happened to my phone was I was having screen issues so i replaced it and it worked normally for

iPhone not showing in explorer iPhone not showing in explorer iPhone 5C

When I connect my new iphone 5c to my PC, it does not show in elplorer. I want to get to the DCIM fo

When you first get your phone and set it up can you change it few days later iPhone 5C

Some of the first questions it asks you can you change them a few days later.

How can I register free Apple ID got problem it's says my devices can no longer register free iCloud ID What to please help iPhone 5C

Please help!!!!

how to turn passcode off if not highlighted iPhone 5C

how do i disable the passcode lock if it is not highlighted on the phone?

itune error code 3 come at end of restoring process iPhone 5C

help!! my iphone 5 is stuck in recovery mode and when I try to restore it,my iphone start restoring

slide onoff not work and I can not get into phone. I can not switch it on or off. suggestions to get working iPhone 5C

The slide on / off does not work. I can not switch on or off. Any suggestions on what is up or how t

When will be Cambodian Khmer Keyboard officially available in IOS iPhone

Suprisingly, there are many people using IOS product in Cambodia, But why IOS still haven't incl